Tuesday, May 23, 2006

here I am!

I had all this stuff I thought of at work that I wanted to post about, just random thoughts really and now I can't remember any of them.
Pop Candy posted this link to look at Tom Hank's hair over the years. I have to say all years are better than it is right now. His hair reminds me of John Travolta's in Pulp Fiction. EEw.
Does anyone watch "Dog the Bounty Hunter?" I so thought he and Beth were already married. Duh. It's so sad about his daughter.
I started back stitching today, a little, at lunchtime on my break, working on Christ in Gethsemane. I still would like to get this done by the county fair this year. I will post a pic when I have made a little more progress.
What is up with the Dixie Chicks? I mean Natalie M. needs to give it a rest already. Let's just drag the whole insulting the president incident out. We get the point. Holy crap. The other two aren't saying much that I've seen. She just seems like such a witch(actually something else but I'll try to keep it clean.) Are they a country band or political activists? I don't want to buy a CD where all they do is moan about the government. Granted I haven't heard the CD but look at the title. Her opinion is her opinion and she needs to stop shoving it down everyone's throats.
OK enough said.