Monday, July 27, 2015

The Dogist by Elias Weiss Friedman

My first Netgalley review! When I saw that this book was "photographic encounters with 1000 dogs", I had to check it out.  I was not disappointed. This book made me wish I had a place to display books in my living room, so that when this book comes out I can buy a copy and set it out for all my friends to enjoy.  It will not be published until October so I have some time. I honestly thing even those who are not dog lovers and or people who love to take pictures(like me) would enjoy this book.  It included photos of dogs of all different breeds, with all different expressions and emotions, and a few with special stories.  A lot of the photos are just taken as he comes across owners and their dogs, but in the case of some of the tougher cases, he actually sets up times to meet with the dog and gain their trust, so he may photograph them.  He really captures the soul and personality of the dog.  Some photos made me laugh, and some brought me to tears.  A wonderful book for any animal lover.  I have already added it to my Amazon wish list so I won't forget to buy it when it comes out. It comes out in the month of my birthday so maybe I will get lucky and someone will buy it for me. ☺This book was an advanced copy provided to me by Netgalley for review.  I highly recommend this book!

Sunday, July 26, 2015



Hope everyone's summer is going well! Here, well, it's hot! Today wasn't as bad as some days but it was still right toasty.  I did get out and play with the pups a little bit; I took my phone out to take some pictures but of course I forgot. Kona loves playing fetch and is very quick in getting the ball back to me! He keeps me busy out there! I did get this picture of him when I was *supposed* to be cleaning our spare bedroom. Ahem.

 But in my defense I did clean it up some yesterday! It has become quite a catch-all room.  Books, craft stuff, files, magazines, etc. I was trying to sort through some of the clutter. I did yesterday but today just felt a little over-whelmed(and maybe a little lazy.)  

I did accomplish a couple of things today stitching-wise.  One of my Facebook stitching groups has a Quick Stitch Weekend once a month, where we find a small design and try to stitch it in a weekend.   This month I found an old Pine Mountain pillow kit I got years ago.  I think my daughter originally wanted me to buy it so she could stitch it.  Well she hasn't stitched in a long time and doesn't really seem to have an interest in in anymore, so I stitched it for her as a surprise while she was with friends this weekend. In fact I am still waiting for her to get home and see it. ☺ 
I hope she won't be upset that I stitched it instead.

I also pulled out some frames my dad had made for me- I wish I would have written down which designs I had him make them for- and framed an old finish. It was the only one I was pretty certain belonged to one of the frames.
It's "Snow Tired" (duh) by Homespun Elegance.  Now I have to figure out what the other frames go to.  

I am currently working on a couple of different things- a Grilles by Maryse freebie- "It's Winter Time"( a little wrinkled, sorry)-
And a piece for a friend- "Chowning's Tavern" (an actual place in Williamsburg, VA). I don't have much done on that one yet; hoping to put a few stitches in it tonight.

I recently discovered  It's a site where you can request to read certain books before they are available for sale.  The authors rely on you for an honest review of their book and you post that review on their site as well as blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.  I am giving it a shot and reading my first book The Water of Life by Daniel Marchildon.  I will let you know how it is!

Well, since I started writing this, my daughter has returned home. Once she saw the pillow she remembered the kit. She did not seem upset at all that I had stitched it. ☺ 

If I am going to stitch I better get to it. Here is a little picture of Ginger as a sign-off.
She's like "Mom, you are taking a picture of me again?"

God bless!

P.S. Finally finished Brooke's Books Summer House a little while back! Here it is-

A Gathering of Secrets by Linda Castillo

I know, not much stitching lately but I have been on a roll reading books!  I was recently given the opportunity to read this awesome novel,...