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Prices shown are without postage. I will calculate postage at the cheapest rate(unless you want it otherwise) based on where you live. I accept paypal and money orders/cashier's checks. Any questions please email me or leave a comment. My email link is in my profile.

Just Cross Stitch "ornament issue?" Nov/Dec 1988
Book PM-2 "Sew In Love" (one pattern colored in but still readable)- 1.50

Cross Country Stitching April 2001- 2.00

Book PM-4 "Peace on Earth" Mainly Christmas designs

Cross Country Stitching June 2002-2.00

Cross Stitch and Country Crafts Mar/Apr 1989- 75 cents

Cross Stitch and Country Crafts-Jul/Aug 1988- 75 cents

Cross Country Stitching Sept/Oct 1987- 75 cents

The Cross Stitcher June 1994-1.00

Tropical Flowers- A Designing Workbook- 2.00

Gentle Thoughts Book One-1.50

Cross Country Stitching June 2003-2.00

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JOLENE said...

In the 1988 JCS, is there a sampler pattern in it that is shown on the cover (background).