Sunday, June 26, 2011

Long time no blog..

So sorry!!  It seems like I do well for awhile keeping up, then I get lazy again.. or sometimes I just get writer's block and I'm not sure what to blog about, especially when I am making slow progress on stitching projects!  But here are some updates anyway!

This is my progress on "At Home With Jane Austen" as of tonight-
Sorry for the bad photo- it's getting hard to fit it all in and still get close enough!
And here is my progress on "Summer House"- I have been working on my lunch break on this one- but have also had some errands to run from time to time on my lunch break so it has been slow going..
I'm finally on the upper portion of the pattern- the blank spots in the bottom half are going to be beads.  I almost always do my beading last, like my mom taught me. :)

We are minus one kid right now- Hanna is visiting my brother-in-law and his family for a little over 2 weeks-kind of a present for being on "A" honor roll all year.  She has been gone one week so far.  I miss my girl but I know it is a good experience for her! And she is having a lot of fun!

David and I went to see "Cars 2" yesterday.  It was really cute, and better than the first one, I thought.  I know many reviews have been not-so-good because the movie isn't all about Lightning McQueen, but I thought the change was nice, and he was in the movie enough given the storyline.  David was super excited to go- we kept it a secret to surprise him, right up until the last minute.

That's life in a nutshell here- better get to bed- I have to work tomorrow! Thanks for being patient with me.  :)