Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Progress pics!

Here is my progress on the Alamo as of today at lunch- hoping to get in a few stitches on it when I get done posting this.


Almost done with the bottom half! Woo hoo! I worked a little on my LK Mystery Sampler too, but not too much progress there yet.

A weekend or two ago we went to Home Depot- dh got a gift card for Christmas he hadn't used yet- so we went and got some plants for the front and back yard, among other things.  We got a lot of English primrose in various colors-

Now if it would just stay warm long enough to plant them! We also got some lavender and rosemary, and some creeping phlox.  I have always wanted lavender bushes so I am really excited!

Last weekend I stayed home most of the weekend- it was so nice!! I got a bunch of things done around the house that I'd been wanting to do.  Got some things organized, did all the laundry, and Hanna and I rearranged the spare bedroom.  Ginger liked it cause now the daybed is in front of the window.

Well, that's about it here.. hoping to have some new puppy pics soon- the breeder is supposed to send us some this week. :) 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Not much stitching this week..

I did get a little done here and there.. we had a bit of a drive yesterday and I got a little done then.. but I would rather post a pic when I have made a little more progress- hopefully this week!  I really would like to get the Alamo done soon- it has taken me so long and it's for a friend of mine so I feel really bad that it has taken me so long. I know she's not in a hurry for it but I still feel bad.

I do have some exciting news- we are getting another Corgi! That long drive I spoke of was to the breeder's yesterday.  He is right now only a week old- he was the only male in his litter so I feel really blessed to have him! He is going to be a tri-color or possibly a sable colored Corgi. 
Right now he only has a little red on his eyebrows and his cheeks.. the tri-color Corgis change a lot in color in the first few months so I can't wait to see how he turns out!  The breeder is going to send me pictures and we will go see him again in a few weeks.. then around the end of April/beginning of May he should be ready to come home.  I am so excited! We are still trying to think of a name- any ideas?

A Gathering of Secrets by Linda Castillo

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