Sunday, July 21, 2013

OK, have you all given up on me? I hope not. I do have a good reason.. as you know we were house hunting- well, we bought a house! We moved in late June- but it really took a month or so- our lease at our old place wasn't up until the end of this month- so we took our time- bring a car load or two over just about every day and unpacking it.. did a little painting but the house was pretty much move in ready. We are really blessed- the house is about 32 years old but has been completely redone- new siding, new roof, new windows, new heat/AC, new dishwasher, and it was just in our price range.  Sometimes I still can't believe it is really ours.

Things are finally getting back to 'normal'.. I didn't do much stitching at all while we were looking for a house or while we were moving, so I am really excited to have some time for that again, and I do plan to keep my blog up better.

There will be something stitch-related at the end(a little giveaway!) but before I go here are some photos from the new house- more or less.   We live out in the country now and the drive home from work is so beautiful- I drive past lots of farms and open land- it's so peaceful!

The sunset can be seen from my back yard, as well as the open sky and lots of cool clouds-

Ginger likes the backyard too- it's fenced and has lots of room for her to run. This was taken on a day when she had run about for a while and was ready to go in! Please excuse the poop scooper. :-O
We also had a baby bird drop in- Ginger was very kind to him- only sniffed him and didn't try to eat him or run him off.. we cared for him a bit and then he evidently was able to jump or fly away because we couldn't find him later that evening.
I have also started planting- these are my hydrangea on their better days- bugs or disease or both have started getting to them.. any tips? I am a bit new at this..

And here is a snap of Gin, pooped out with her Gumby-
I almost forgot! One of our last days at the old place I was walking Ginger and happened to see this little guy- thankfully he was still there after I got my phone.
Last but not least- the giveaway.  It is just a little one- I realized after winning this pattern in a giveaway myself that I already had it.  I thought I had given it away previously but I guess I never did.  So here it is-LK's Cross Stitcher in Residence.
I admit I am trying to get my blog back "out there" again- so if you share the giveaway on your blog you will get an extra entry! Please leave a comment on this post only if you want an entry, and let me know if you are posting on your blog. Thanks so much, and I really appreciate all of you who keep checking back with me after these lonnnnng breaks. ♥

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Long time no post..again..

I am so sorry.. thanks to all of you who still check in with me from time to time.. I am still here, just a lot going on..

Here is my progress on The Alamo- I have gotten a little bit more done since I took this.
I have since finished the left side and the bottom of the section and started on the next section to the right. :)

The azaleas are in bloom here- or were- a lot of them are already losing their petals.. but here is a photo of a butterfly in some that my mom took when she was here.
They are so beautiful and some of the bushes get so huge!
and of course I have to share some Ginger with you-
She is still cute and silly as ever.
Will post more soon- thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sorry it has been awhile..

Yet again!!  Life carries me away stitching has been suffering!! Trying to get back into the swing of things.  We are house hunting again- I got my credit score where it needed to be and hopefully I can keep it there. :) I am so looking forward to us having a place of our own.

I have been getting a few stitches in here and there on The Alamo.  My 7-year-old has decided he wants to learn how to stitch- so in the mornings when I stitch I am trying to help him also. :) Here is my progress as of late-
I have also picked up my LK Mystery Sampler again- not much progress on that yet but I am hoping to remedy that soon. :)

Monday, February 04, 2013

Book winner!

Well, we only had three entries so the odds were pretty good for those involved. :)  The winner is Pat Matejcek! Congrats Pat! I will send you an email to get your address. I hope you enjoy the book. :)

Not much else to post - it was a busy but non-stitchy week- what little time I did have I was engrossed in a book- Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult.  It is so good!

Will post more soon!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I didn't forget!

Today was to be the last day of my book giveaway- but there are only a couple of entries- so I thought I'd post about it one more time.. if you want to enter please comment on this post. (click it! :) ) I will give it til Sunday the 3rd.

I have been working on the Alamo quite regularly-I took Hanna to her judo class tonight and had some time to stitch on it.  This is my progress as of tonight.

I have also been working on a freebie- from Grilles by Maryse- still just stitching green but I thought I'd post a pic. I took it the sam way I took the Alamo pic but it wouldn't turn out as good-
We had a bit of ice the other day - I heard there was a moment of snow but I didn't see it. :(
Here are some pictures I took around the house-

This is our rosemary plant-

and I think this was basil-

And this is a bush in the front of our house that's mostly dead. Looks prettier this way. :)
It only lasted a day or so then melted.  I am still hoping for one snow before winter is over. We didn't have any last year and I want to see how Ginger reacts to it. :)
Love this pic-she looks like she's posing!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hello.. wondering I should eliminate the LK Sampler page since all the parts are out now- any thoughts?

I forgot to mention in my last post that I have added several things to my stash for sale page- more to come..

I just found these on my camera card and don't remember if I ever posted them.. so I thought I would because the sky was so pretty that night!

I thought I had a recent picture of the Alamo and I can't find it.. will try to remember to take one tomorrow.

Rob and I went to look at some open houses today- one house was really cute but too small.. it was not much bigger than our current place. It was a bit too far out from town anyway.  There was another open house nearby that was way out of our price range but we thought we would look for fun.  It was a beautiful home, but even if we got approved for that much, we wouldn't be able to afford the payment! We had a helpful conversation with the realtor there though- we met her at an open house we went to a few weeks ago and she remembered us.  We talked to her for a while- so long that we missed the last open house we were going to go to. lol

I have actually done a bit of stitching this weekend, on the LK Halloween sampler- for now I will keep posting the pics on it's page but may do away with it.  When I created that page I had planned to have it done a lot sooner! ha!

Well that's about it here- hope everyone has a great week. God bless!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back again! And a book giveaway..

Hello friends,
 holidays are over and hopefully I can start posting more often!  I have gotten quite a bit in on The Alamo since the kids have gone back to school, since I work on it in the mornings while David and I wait for school to start.  I will post a more recent one soon but here is one I took fairly recently.  I have also been working on a free pattern from Grilles by Maryse (I think that's the site).  I really need to take a pic of that one as well but it's just a bunch of green right now.

The house hunting is on hold, unfortunately.. I got the corrections made on  my credit report and got the rapid re-score done.. and it did not help as much as we thought it would. My credit score is still a bit shy of where it needs to be to qualify.  The loan officer talked to someone at the credit bureau and gave us some suggestions of what might bring it up some more, but it will take some time. :(  I am not going to give up until we are in our own home though!

OK, now for the giveaway- my mom gave me this book because she knows I love Jane Austen and the occasional paranormal romance- and this had both. Normally I am pretty picky about my Jane Austen "fanfiction" but these were actually pretty good, fun little short stories. I especially liked Blood and Prejudice (of course ;) ) and Little To Hex Her, which was the version of Emma.  I'd like to pass this on to one of my lovely blog readers! I will keep the drawing open until the end of the month.. and.. I don't usually do this but if you get someone else to enter you will get an entry for each person you send over! :) Oh, and here is a picture of the book-

and of course, I can't end without a picture of Ginger.  I don't know if she put her blanket here or the kids did, but she kind of reminded me of when kids make "forts" with blankets and whatever else they can find- chairs, etc.. 
I caught her in mid-blink but the other photo I took she had green-eye - and red-eye fix won't get rid of it. :p

Thanks for sticking with me- I will post again soon!

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