Thursday, January 31, 2013

I didn't forget!

Today was to be the last day of my book giveaway- but there are only a couple of entries- so I thought I'd post about it one more time.. if you want to enter please comment on this post. (click it! :) ) I will give it til Sunday the 3rd.

I have been working on the Alamo quite regularly-I took Hanna to her judo class tonight and had some time to stitch on it.  This is my progress as of tonight.

I have also been working on a freebie- from Grilles by Maryse- still just stitching green but I thought I'd post a pic. I took it the sam way I took the Alamo pic but it wouldn't turn out as good-
We had a bit of ice the other day - I heard there was a moment of snow but I didn't see it. :(
Here are some pictures I took around the house-

This is our rosemary plant-

and I think this was basil-

And this is a bush in the front of our house that's mostly dead. Looks prettier this way. :)
It only lasted a day or so then melted.  I am still hoping for one snow before winter is over. We didn't have any last year and I want to see how Ginger reacts to it. :)
Love this pic-she looks like she's posing!


Siobhán said...

Your dog is too cute! Nice progress on your stitching. I love the frosty pictures. We only had one day this winter of hard frost so I rushed through finishing an ornament to get some pictures posed in the frost. ;)

Mouse said...

awwww hellooo ginger :) and your icy pictures are lovely and well done on the stitching front .... hope you get a bit of snow Master Bentley loves it :) love mouse xxxxxx

Nicola said...

Love Ginger's photo.

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