Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back again! And a book giveaway..

Hello friends,
 holidays are over and hopefully I can start posting more often!  I have gotten quite a bit in on The Alamo since the kids have gone back to school, since I work on it in the mornings while David and I wait for school to start.  I will post a more recent one soon but here is one I took fairly recently.  I have also been working on a free pattern from Grilles by Maryse (I think that's the site).  I really need to take a pic of that one as well but it's just a bunch of green right now.

The house hunting is on hold, unfortunately.. I got the corrections made on  my credit report and got the rapid re-score done.. and it did not help as much as we thought it would. My credit score is still a bit shy of where it needs to be to qualify.  The loan officer talked to someone at the credit bureau and gave us some suggestions of what might bring it up some more, but it will take some time. :(  I am not going to give up until we are in our own home though!

OK, now for the giveaway- my mom gave me this book because she knows I love Jane Austen and the occasional paranormal romance- and this had both. Normally I am pretty picky about my Jane Austen "fanfiction" but these were actually pretty good, fun little short stories. I especially liked Blood and Prejudice (of course ;) ) and Little To Hex Her, which was the version of Emma.  I'd like to pass this on to one of my lovely blog readers! I will keep the drawing open until the end of the month.. and.. I don't usually do this but if you get someone else to enter you will get an entry for each person you send over! :) Oh, and here is a picture of the book-

and of course, I can't end without a picture of Ginger.  I don't know if she put her blanket here or the kids did, but she kind of reminded me of when kids make "forts" with blankets and whatever else they can find- chairs, etc.. 
I caught her in mid-blink but the other photo I took she had green-eye - and red-eye fix won't get rid of it. :p

Thanks for sticking with me- I will post again soon!


Margaret said...

Your stitching looks great! Sorry about the house hunting being put on hold. Such a bummer. I hope you can start again very soon. Love seeing Ginger!

Janice Gresham said...

Great stitching.

patti said...

I'd love to be entered into the drawing for your Jane Austen book. And, as for Ginger, wow she's grown into a beautiful young lady. She also might have moved her blanket under the table as a safe mechanism (depending on the age of your children). :80)
Please keep posting pictures - love 4-legged babies.

... said...

This brings back lovely memories - my mother was an avid cross-stitcher and she taught me to cross-stitch at a young age. She stopped awhile back when arthritis got the best of her. I still sew and crochet with my daughter, but we haven't tackled counted cross-stitch. Perhaps we should. <3

Nicola said...

It is always good to see a photo of Ginger

Pat Matejcek said...

Your stitching is beautiful. I would love a chance at your book giveaway. thanks for the chance Pat

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey, Just discovered your blog and am enjoying it. I love your Alamo piece. My son is at college in S.A.! I'm a Jane Austen fanatic but have never read any fan fiction. I'd love to be entered in your drawing. Thanks! ps Your Corgi is precious! Nancy in NY

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