Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter fun with Swagbucks! Earn free stuff, for free!

Great time to join swagbucks, if you have been thinking about it! This week there will be daily swag codes on their blog and fun winter-themed swagbucks! Collect all 8 collector "bills" and get a 25 swagbuck bonus! The easiest way to get swagbucks is by searching- you can install their toolbar or if you prefer not to, set your home page to www.swagbucks.com or www.search.swagbucks.com. Make sure you sign in with your username before you start searching to earn them to your account! More details about the Winter Madness promotion here.  Swagbucks is great and it's free. I have earned so many Amazon and Starbucks giftcards through this rewards program.  They have lots of other great things you can earn too, even more expensive items like game consoles and Keurigs!  Interested? Click here!  Have fun!

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Nicola said...

Thak you for the info

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