Friday, October 13, 2006

just in case anyone is still checking

I have moved my blog to, but thought I'd post this here anyway. I finally finished!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Is anyone else tired of Brangelina?

Just when we think the hubbub is dying down, they make a wax figure of Shiloh and her parents. Give me a break!!!!! They aren't the Holy family. Shiloh is cute but so are alot of other babies. SO tired of it.. they are just people like everyone else! Sorry just had to vent. This whole wax family is so ridiculous.

Monday, July 24, 2006

in case anyone is still checking..

and not given up on me! Here is a picture of my progress on Christ in Gethsemane as of lunchtime today.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

here I am!

I had all this stuff I thought of at work that I wanted to post about, just random thoughts really and now I can't remember any of them.
Pop Candy posted this link to look at Tom Hank's hair over the years. I have to say all years are better than it is right now. His hair reminds me of John Travolta's in Pulp Fiction. EEw.
Does anyone watch "Dog the Bounty Hunter?" I so thought he and Beth were already married. Duh. It's so sad about his daughter.
I started back stitching today, a little, at lunchtime on my break, working on Christ in Gethsemane. I still would like to get this done by the county fair this year. I will post a pic when I have made a little more progress.
What is up with the Dixie Chicks? I mean Natalie M. needs to give it a rest already. Let's just drag the whole insulting the president incident out. We get the point. Holy crap. The other two aren't saying much that I've seen. She just seems like such a witch(actually something else but I'll try to keep it clean.) Are they a country band or political activists? I don't want to buy a CD where all they do is moan about the government. Granted I haven't heard the CD but look at the title. Her opinion is her opinion and she needs to stop shoving it down everyone's throats.
OK enough said.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

random thoughts

Firstly, I got Rhett Miller's CD via Love it!!

I read today some guy is making a movie about Mother Teresa and wants to cast Paris Hilton as Mother Teresa. What's wrong with this picture? He said her features resemble M. Teresa. Hello? What about her acting skills??

Dh rented "Elizabethtown" and "Fever Pitch" for me on pay per view. Both were really good!! Elizabethtown to me had a surprising ending, at least in how it transpired. I thought it was really cute. And "Fever Pitch" was great. Drew and Jimmy make such a cute couple. Jimmy is so hilarious. He is the new generation's Mike Myers.

Today I felt like such an idiot. Was dropping my son off at daycare, and when I came out there was a car similar to mine sitting where I usually park. I started getting into the car. Then I saw the Simpsons floor mats. Then I smelled cigarette smoke. Then I saw the person sitting in the passenger side of the car. HELLO!! I apologized and quickly shut the door. Boy did I feel stupid!

Well, that's about it.. I'm going to go to bed early tonight for a change!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

one more time

Ok, giving blogger one more chance. I tried AOL journals (for past few days go to . It was ok but you can do more to your page with blogger. You have to get a typepad account to really play with your AOL blog. Was just listening to Rhett Miller on myspace. I have GOT to get his CD this weekend!! OK, I did something really stupid and I need help. Dh's clothes had oil on them(motor oil or something similar)- I washed them in the washer and thought it came out, put them in the dryer and now have oil stains all in my dryer, and am afraid if I put anything in there, the oil will heat up and get on my clothes and/or cause a fire. Any ideas how to get it out? Someone said coke cause it gets it out of clothes, I tried that but it only got the surface oil out, the stain is still there.. arggggggggh I wanted a new dryer but not this way... help!


tried to blog the other day and kept getting errors... let's see what happens today..

Thursday, March 16, 2006

back again

arrgggggggh! I had this long post, then said publish and kept getting error messages. I hate that! Anyway, shortly after my last post, our water heater broke and flooded our downstairs. Our computer was fine, but our desk was ruined so we had nowhere to put the computer. Now everything's straight but I've been lazy about blogging.
My WIP "Fall Sampler" is no more.. it was on the floor in an open plastic bag when the downstairs flooded, and my overdyed threads ran all over each other and the fabric. It's ok in a way cause I really was getting tired of it anyway.
Believe it or not, I'm currently reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder series. I've had them all since I was little, but don't think I ever read them all, so I am now. They're actually quite interesting. I'm on the 3rd book right now.
Dh and I went to see "Failure To Launch" last weekend, it was really good and alot funnier than I thought it would be. But as a friend of mine said, you could watch Matthew McConaughey read a box of cereal and it would be interesting. lol
Not much else going on here.. still sick of the Brangelina hubbub, I really don't see what the big deal is. In fact I saw a funny article online showing how he always changes his look to match his girlfriend/fiancee, just confirms my thoughts that he's like a little puppy dog! And I used to like him so much. Oh well, enough of that.. maybe this one will publish...

Friday, January 20, 2006

Long time no blog

And no good excuse..been playing more games online than blogging!! Got this cute stuffed animal and they have a cool site called , you can play fun games and play in their little world.. I know I'm a bit old for it but it's a good way to relax! I haven't stitched much recently either, that's partly why, partly when I sit down to stitch it's usually at night and I get sleepy! I'm going to start working on it on my lunch break soon tho.. I really miss it, I just can't get motiviated.
On another note, I am ssssssssssooooooooooooo tired of hearing about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I mean who really cares?? I wish they'd just get married, then maybe the gossip will move on to someone new.
I'm reading a really good book right now - Nighttime is my Time by Mary Higgins Clark. I hadn't read any of her books in a while and I forgot how good they were! It's been hard to put this one down.
I weighed myself today.. I think I should've made the standard New Year's resolution to diet..
oh well, that's it for now, will try to be better about checking in.. give me a shout out if you're still checking in with me.. lol

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