Saturday, June 30, 2012

ohhhh myyyyy...

Have you given up on me? I am so sorry.. it's been a busy month! I actually got a little vacation this month- I went away with my parents, my brother, one of my nieces, and my son (other family members couldn't make it for various reasons) back to my hometown in Iowa, then to Minnesota to see family I hadn't seen for years!! It was a bittersweet trip.  So much of it was just like old times(with a couple of extra kids) road-tripping with my parents back to where we always used to vacation together. I saw my grandparents on both sides of the family, that I hadn't seen for 5 years, and aunts, uncles, and cousins I hadn't seen for even longer.  We were going to celebrate my grandma's(my dad's mom) 90th birthday.  She had been admitted to the hospital shortly before we left but we were hoping and praying for the best. Unfortunately, she was still in the hospital when we got there.  The party was called off but we all had a reunion of sorts at my cousin's house. It was a lot of fun.  Grandpa stayed with Grandma at the hospital and we went to see her.  She was in good spirits and talked with us all; we gave her hugs and kisses and then left her to rest. Mom, Dad, my brother, the kids and I had to leave the next day so we went to see her and Grandpa one more time and then headed on our way. We drove back to Illinois where my parents and brother both live, dropped my brother off, and went to my parents' house for the night. (My niece stayed too.) David and I flew out the next night and landed in a couple of hours, then went home.  The next night my grandma passed away. It was a hard week. Even though I didn't see her much I felt the loss.  Thankfully she will be in heaven now. :)

On a happier note, I did get some stitching done before my trip and on it as well.  I finished the project I was working on for my friend right before we left for the trip.  Here is a pic-
Only part of this was stitched by me though, my friend Diana had about half-finished it when she asked me to complete it.
And here is a free pattern I finished on the trip as well- I had started it back when the kids were still in school but put it on hold for a while-
It's from the Cross Stitch Card Shop website- the outline of the bow and the dog were supposed to be stitched in a mahogany-brown color and I thought it looked strange so I just did it all in black. The name of the pattern is Snow Day I believe, designer is Lesley Teare. I stitched it on unknown fabric with DMC threads.

Ginger is doing well- she reminds me a bit of a cat lately as she likes to climb up on a chair and look out the window-
Sometimes she's quiet but sometimes she barks at anything that moves. I don't mind her barking so much when she's not barking at me though. :)

Well that's my mini-update- I'm currently working on a LHN freebie- will post a pic of my progress soon. (I really will!)