Saturday, July 31, 2010

A busy but fun day...

This morning was zumba tone- where I worked muscles I forgot I had!  We stopped by Old Navy cause Hanna wanted some $2 camisoles- usually they are 8.50 so we had to take advantage of that! Also got David a little Return of the Jedi shirt on clearance which he loved!
A couple of months ago I signed up to do a Premier Designs jewelry party- I don't usually sign up for these kinds of things cause in the past I have not had the best of luck getting people to come. I even booked it way in advance in hopes that people would be able to "save the date" and come.  For a little while I was a bit nervous, the people I had asked couldn't come due to vacations, prior commitments, etc.  But in the end I had 6 guests (+ some daughters).  Rob made some delicious goodies for us to munch on. We had a great time and thanks to my guests and some out-of-town orders, I got $350 in free jewelry!! And this bracelet, which is a little thing our sales rep(and new friend!) gives to her hostesses-
It's so pretty and sparkly! I love it. We had a great time, and I really feel good ordering from this company- their founders are Christians, some of their profits are used to support missionary work, and all their jewelry is made in the USA!! :)
No stitching today- am being lazy. I did get a start on "G" last night- just the border so far. I'm hoping to work on it some more tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not only a stitchy giveaway, but a quilty one too!

Kim is having two great giveaways over at her blog. Run and check it out! :)

I will post more later.. gonna stitch and drink my homemade limeade. :)
Fizzy and sweet, and tart!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

F is finished! And another *late* TUSAL update..

I finally finished F (is for Fairisle) in the Stitcher's Alphabet. I wish I could take a picture that would show the sparkle of the beads a little better.. will start on G Friday, hopefully!
I always seem to forget the TU SAL updates- I need to see if my calendar lists the new moons and highlight them! lol But here it is, a bit late-
Today I participated in a zumbathon for a local young mother- her husband recently died and she has three children 5 and under.  The local YMCA let us use their gym to have a zumbathon fundraiser for her.  We had a pretty good turnout; it was great.  It was three hours long, and though we did take breaks my legs are still feeling it this evening! But it was so much fun it really felt more like a party than exercise. A lot of local restaurants and businesses donated items for door prizes. I won a bottle of a local restaurant's barbecue sauce. lol I think I am luckier in blogworld. lol!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Park pics and a little progress..

Even though today was HOT - the heat index was to get up to 107- David and I went to the park early before it got too warm, and to the library.  It was hard to get any good pics of David, as he didn't stay anywhere long enough to take one, but I did get a few nice pictures of the park fountain and roses, and some pictures of a little garden they have planted at our library.

I have also made a little progress on Summer House- will post progress on F after the weeend is over.

It has been a little strange around here this weekend- Hanna went to Greensboro with her friend and their family(also our friends).  It seems odd not having her around!  She won't be back til late Monday.
Oh, and I got my partial this week- that goes where the two teeth were (the ones I got extracted)- I am so pleased. I thought it was going to go over the whole roof of my mouth but just clips right over my gums on that spot. It is very small.  Now I just have to be careful not to lose it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Freshness

Once a month the ladies at my church have a dinner together at the church. This month we had a salad theme. This is the lovely antipasto my hubby made me to take-

If anyone is interested(I know my facebook friends sure were!) -here is the recipe-
a zucchini
a yellow squash
mozzarella pearls
cherry tomatoes
roasted red pepper (we used jarred- about a third of the jar)
pancetta(did I spell it right?)

extra virgin olive oil
juice of 2 lemons
jarred garlic
garlic powder

All the spices in the dressings are to taste- he just added a bit of this and a bit of that til it tasted good-enough olive oil to cover the salad thoroughly. It was delicious and so light. We used fresh herbs from our garden too! I love the smell of fresh rosemary.

No stitching progress to show right now- working on Summer House tonight after I finish blogging. :) I did take a few garden pics though-I'm sorry, I just love my little garden!

These little guys just popped up on their own- I didn't even plant them! Not that I remember anyway..

Ugh.  Blogger is so not being my friend tonight. It took me forever to get this post right, it kept doing all kinds of crazy things!
I never did post that snickerdoodle recipe- is posting a recipe from a cookbook copyright infringement?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Giveaway time!

Over at Cindy's blog- she has surpassed 100 followers! Click here for details!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Believe it or not.. a finish!

Happy dance! I've been working on this little one for a while, as a lunch break project- finally sat down and finished it this weekend.  It's a Little River Freebie from their  Snow Fun series- called -what else- Snow Sweet! I stitched it on unknown hand-dyed fabric with the recommended DMC threads.
My teeth (or lack thereof) are feeling better, off and on. I didn't realize how many hard and/or crunchy things I eat until I can't eat them! lol   Thank you for all your well wishes on my last post. :)
That's about it- going to go stitch and watch me some "True Blood." I will try to blog again soon!

Thursday, July 08, 2010


I got two teeth pulled today. :( Actually it's not hurting too bad right now- thanks to the Advil I took earlier. :) But still feeling a little sorry for myself due to the very limited things I can eat right now. I have no idea what I'm going to eat for breakfast tomorrow- as I am not a big fan of cream of wheat or oatmeal..  any suggestions?

I have been stitching a little bit more- the Brooke's Books group I'm in is having a challenge right now- Brooke supplies us with an exclusive freebie and we stitch it but make it our own by adding embellishments, changing the design a bit, etc.  I don't think I am going to have mine done in time for the deadline but it's still a fun stitch, and going to be so pretty when it's finished! Here's what I have so far-
Hooray~ blogger is putting the pictures in the right places again. :)
I have also been working on an ornament from a JCS Ornament issue- that I have not gotten very far on but here it is:

I haven't worked on F yet this week- maybe tonight. I'm almost finished with my Snow Sweet snowman, so I will wait til he's done to post him.  Plus I'm too lazy to get up and get him out of my work bag. hee hee.

 We've been keeping busy this summer, aside from birthday parties the kids have been invited to, we have been invited to things as a family as well.  My pastor and his family celebrated the confirmation of one child and graduation of another- they had lots of relatives visiting and we were having so much fun we ended up going over to their house two days in a row!  Then for the 4th of July some friends invited us over to their house for a cookout- their children are about the same age as ours and are good friends as well.  We had a great time! This coming weekend the kids have been invited to another birthday party, but so far I think Sunday will actually be- a day of rest. ;) I hope so! I'm having fun but am ready to take it easy- although I guess I did do that on the 5th. LOL
Well, that's about it here- I will leave you with some more beach pictures courtesy of Marsha-

one of the mountains! :)

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