Saturday, July 24, 2010

Park pics and a little progress..

Even though today was HOT - the heat index was to get up to 107- David and I went to the park early before it got too warm, and to the library.  It was hard to get any good pics of David, as he didn't stay anywhere long enough to take one, but I did get a few nice pictures of the park fountain and roses, and some pictures of a little garden they have planted at our library.

I have also made a little progress on Summer House- will post progress on F after the weeend is over.

It has been a little strange around here this weekend- Hanna went to Greensboro with her friend and their family(also our friends).  It seems odd not having her around!  She won't be back til late Monday.
Oh, and I got my partial this week- that goes where the two teeth were (the ones I got extracted)- I am so pleased. I thought it was going to go over the whole roof of my mouth but just clips right over my gums on that spot. It is very small.  Now I just have to be careful not to lose it.


Myra said...

Lovely pics of the park and your WIP looks great.

Margaret said...

Ah for the days when I could get out the door early with a child! lol! I have very late sleeping teen and almost-not-teen-anymore kids myself. Nice park pics and nice progress too!

g-girl said...

the park is absolutely gorgeous!

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