Friday, January 20, 2006

Long time no blog

And no good excuse..been playing more games online than blogging!! Got this cute stuffed animal and they have a cool site called , you can play fun games and play in their little world.. I know I'm a bit old for it but it's a good way to relax! I haven't stitched much recently either, that's partly why, partly when I sit down to stitch it's usually at night and I get sleepy! I'm going to start working on it on my lunch break soon tho.. I really miss it, I just can't get motiviated.
On another note, I am ssssssssssooooooooooooo tired of hearing about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I mean who really cares?? I wish they'd just get married, then maybe the gossip will move on to someone new.
I'm reading a really good book right now - Nighttime is my Time by Mary Higgins Clark. I hadn't read any of her books in a while and I forgot how good they were! It's been hard to put this one down.
I weighed myself today.. I think I should've made the standard New Year's resolution to diet..
oh well, that's it for now, will try to be better about checking in.. give me a shout out if you're still checking in with me.. lol


Leeny said...

Here's a shout! :) Although a little late, hee hee....

eileen :)

debbi said...

Why is it that celebrities go out, break up a marriage, get knocked up and everyone is ga ga over them? Brad went down a couple notches in my eyes when he dumped Jen. Angie ... well she's something else.

I agree. I'm sick of them. But I guess I'd rather hear about them instead of Tom and what's her name.


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