Tuesday, April 04, 2006

random thoughts

Firstly, I got Rhett Miller's CD via amazon.com. Love it!!

I read today some guy is making a movie about Mother Teresa and wants to cast Paris Hilton as Mother Teresa. What's wrong with this picture? He said her features resemble M. Teresa. Hello? What about her acting skills??

Dh rented "Elizabethtown" and "Fever Pitch" for me on pay per view. Both were really good!! Elizabethtown to me had a surprising ending, at least in how it transpired. I thought it was really cute. And "Fever Pitch" was great. Drew and Jimmy make such a cute couple. Jimmy is so hilarious. He is the new generation's Mike Myers.

Today I felt like such an idiot. Was dropping my son off at daycare, and when I came out there was a car similar to mine sitting where I usually park. I started getting into the car. Then I saw the Simpsons floor mats. Then I smelled cigarette smoke. Then I saw the person sitting in the passenger side of the car. HELLO!! I apologized and quickly shut the door. Boy did I feel stupid!

Well, that's about it.. I'm going to go to bed early tonight for a change!

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