Saturday, May 04, 2013

Long time no post..again..

I am so sorry.. thanks to all of you who still check in with me from time to time.. I am still here, just a lot going on..

Here is my progress on The Alamo- I have gotten a little bit more done since I took this.
I have since finished the left side and the bottom of the section and started on the next section to the right. :)

The azaleas are in bloom here- or were- a lot of them are already losing their petals.. but here is a photo of a butterfly in some that my mom took when she was here.
They are so beautiful and some of the bushes get so huge!
and of course I have to share some Ginger with you-
She is still cute and silly as ever.
Will post more soon- thanks for stopping by!


Margaret said...

Your Alamo is looking good! Love the pic of Ginger -- so sweet!

Jan said...

The stitching is looking great and so is the cute dog.

Lillie said...

I know too well how life can be at times. I have been slacking with my blog post too.

Alamo looking good. Ginger is so adorable.

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