Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ack! I am so sorry!!

I forgot to draw for the giveaway!! So sorry! OK, I listed everyone's name, then numbered them randomly, then had dh pick a number from 1-12.. and the winner is... Robin!! Congrats! I will get it out to you on Monday. :) Enjoy!

Today was a busy day- this morning a local church had a clothing swap/giveaway.. you could bring clothes, take clothes, or both.  I brought a ton of stuff I wanted to get rid of.. found a few nice things for myself and a couple things for David.  Hanna picked out her own stuff for the most part, except for one thing I picked up and she snatched out of my hand. hee hee.  We then came home for lunch, and then we went to a zumba-thon for a friend of one of the instructors.  She is a breast cancer survivor and we were trying to raise some money to help her out.  :)  It was a blast- so many different instructors and a lot of people getting together for a good cause.  They also had door prizes- and I actually won something cool for a change! Usually I don't win or I win something I will never use. lol Today I won this-
Which is funny because Rob is the main cook in our family, but I am generally the pancake  maker. :) And it will be sssssssooooooo nice to make several at once instead of making them one at a time!
I must confess, speaking of zumba, that I mentioned in a previous post I was going to a zumba class in a parking lot. I was lazy that day and didn't go.. 
Been making some good progress on Beach House.. will post a picture soon. 
Oh.. remember that beautiful Crepe Myrtle tree I posted a few posts back? Here it is post-Hurricane Irene-

now that they have cleaned all the broken bits away. :( 
I know I am being pretty random in this post- sorry- 
I recently finished a really good book by Luanne Rice- Safe Harbor, and now I am re-reading Mansfield Park again.  I have only read it once before and the other night Rob turned on the movie for me, and it made me want to re-read the book. I went to find it and realized I didn't have it! I thought I had all of Jane Austen's finished works! So I ordered it from Amazon straight away.. and got it free, between Amazon gift cards from swagbucks and Amazon Mom free 2-day shipping.
And I know this sounds silly, but I'm glad the people on the cover are small- when they have all those old pictures on the cover of different ladies and such, I always picture them through the whole book, although now I just think of the people in the movie.  Which is better I guess! :) 

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Frustration and a giveaway..

First the frustration- I have been working alot on Summer House, really wanted to get it finished.. had left spots open for beads instead of stitches to add a nice touch.  Well I get to my beads and realized I had not really planned well and now I need to buy almost all my beads before I finish.   The local place I buy my beads is about 30 min. away and closes before I get off work, and I am sure she is closed tomorrow(though I might double check) so it will be another week or two before I can finish. Darn it! Anyway here is where I am at-
Looks like I will be working on "Beach Cottage" tonight instead! Oh well.. I like that one too. :)

I had mentioned a giveaway several posts back and then I kind of forgot about it- I apologize!  So given that fall is just around the corner, I thought I'd better post it- it is for an older pattern- Bent Creek's Cat O' Lantern-
Please leave a comment on this post only, with a way I can reach you- email, or if you have a blog and a contact link is in your profile that's fine too.  I will draw at the end of the week. :)
Other than that the weekend has been fairly uneventful- yesterday afternoon I took a long nap, probably alot longer than I should have. ;) I also took David to the library.  Today the kids and I watched "Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue"  after church and lunch. Cute movie!  Then Rob and I went to Sam's Club to look at some things- they had a great deal going on today- you could upgrade to a Plus membership for $17.58 instead of the usual $100. They also have something new(I think it's new-haven't been there much lately) called evalues, if you have the plus membership.  It's kind of like coupons that are loaded to your card. For instance, today they had a 3-lb container of grapes for $4.98 but with the evalues you got $2.00 off at the check out.  Great deal for our family, cause we all love grapes! I don't know if we will be able to renew next year though cause I really don't think I will want to pay $100. ;)  I think they are doing it through tomorrow so if you have a Sam's membership you may want to call your local Sam's and see if they're doing it. It has some other benefits as well, especially if your Sam's has optical and a pharmacy.
No big plans for Labor Day here- may go to zumba in the morning- our Y is closed so us zumbaholics are gonna zumba in the parking lot. :) Then later gotta go grocery shopping.. but that's about it I think! Hopefully I'll get a lot of stitching and/or reading in tomorrow!

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