Thursday, October 30, 2014

Have you given up on me?

I hope not, even though I am the worst blogger in the world.  I have been the worst about blogging and stitching, though I have gotten a little stitching done.  I worked a little more on the Alamo this past weekend.
Not much longer now! Well-except for the back stitching. Ugh. 

My parents were here for a visit this past weekend- we had a great time as we always do. It goes by too fast though. We visited a local winery that dh and I had been to before- it is so lovely. I really want to go back and take a tour of the grounds sometime. They weren't doing any tours the times that I've gone. We did have a tasting and got a delicious wine for the holidays. They served it chilled, but also put it in a crock pot with water and mulling spices and it was sooooo yummy.  We are going to do the same.
We got wine club cards from my in-laws back in September so we can get a free tasting or glass of wine every month. Good reason for a date night! (Or afternoon)

Kona and Ginger are still their crazy selves. Kona started chewing our living room carpet when we weren't home so we tore it out and got some laminate flooring. We had been wanting to do something like that anyway. I really like it- eventually we hope to do the bedrooms too. Here is a little peek-
With a Kona peek as well! It is a little darker than it looks in the picture.

My birthday was this week- I actually forgot that morning until dh said "happy birthday" which is unusual for me. I guess cause we had been celebrating off and on all weekend, including dinner at Texas Roadhouse where I had to sit on a saddle! It was quite funny. 

Well that's it for now-here is a photo of Ko and Gin to sign off.

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