Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Busy busy..

Well first things first- the Alamo is complete and delivered to it's owner. She loved it!

I have been working more on my other projects- I did a weekend project-

 Made some progress on my LK sampler-
 And been plugging away at my (mostly) "lunchtime project." 

Kona and Ginger did both get fixed- they healed well. :) Kona messes with his stitches quite a bit so he had to wear the Cone of Shame. This is actually the first one- he managed to get around this one so we had to get a taller one. 
 Ginger was a good sister though and still helped by washing his face and ears. 

Kona experienced his first snow the other day- he enjoyed it, even though he doesn't look like it in this picture.
We are supposed to get some more tonight-several inches- we'll see what happens.

On Tuesday I had a snow day home with the kids-I decided to try my hand at making some liquid soap using bar soap. It was super easy and made a ton. It was a little slimy 'cause I used a Dial glycerin bar. Next time I think I will use Yardley lavender soap. I love that stuff! We had some Ball jars so I got pumps  and made them into soap dispensers. 
 There are some other recipes on Pinterest for lotion and stretch mark cream. I may try those at some point too!  I recently bought some homemade sugar scrub at a local store and I just love it. It kind of inspired me!

Oh, I almost forgot- I have finally started putting beads on thi project too! I have had it stitched forever.
Sorry the photo isn't that good.

Well that's about it here.. Will post again soon!

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