Monday, July 04, 2005

Catching up

I keep meaning to get on here and just haven't gotten around to it..

First Happy 4th to all my friends here in the USA! No big plans for us today, just cooking on the grill and staying around the house. Don't want to get on the road unless absolutely necessary for fear of those who have had one too many.
David is sleeping through the night for the most part- he started on the 30th of June. He woke up last night but he is sleeping thru more nights than not. He is starting to grab toys and things, it's so neat to watch!
I'm making some progress on my stitching, trying to work on things now to get them finished, so I don't feel so guilty about starting something new! I may try to finish my L*K strawberry scissors case today, it was fast becoming a UFO and have been actively working on it again. I've also been working on a secret project to surprise a friend of mine.
As for reading, I've been reading the Monica Ferris books based around a fictional needlework shop called "Crewel World". When I am done with these I am going to read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Generally I don't like to read books before I see the movie, but they have done so well with the Harry Potter movies I don't think I need to worry in this case.
Well guess I better go.. laundry calls and stitching too!

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