Monday, November 09, 2009

I feel like I've been away forever..

but have just been really busy!  Friday night we had a few tween girls over for a sleepover for Hanna's birthday- she turned 11 on Sunday!  We watched "17 Again" with them- I am not a huge Zac Efron fan - guess just from over-exposure- but it was a cute movie.  One of the girls couldn't spend the night but the other two stayed, and they all wanted to go to zumba class with me Saturday.  It was ok, we really didn't have much else to do so it would get them out of our little place and give them someplace to burn some energy.  We had a good time-came home and Rob brought home some subs for lunch.  They hung out a while longer then headed home.  I was having a bit of a rough weekend because I had a headache that started Friday and still has not gone completely away, though it has gotten better. It seemed nothing I took would help, and the one thing that did, kind of, was Excedrin Migraine, but it gives me heartburn and acid indigestion.  At that point anything was better than a headache.. but I think a trip to my chiropractor is in my not so distant future.  I haven't been adjusted in a long time.

On the stitching front, I got a bit more done on my bookmark this weekend but not as much as I would've liked.  Tonight I worked on my Brightneedle ornament, and my lunchtime project is a Jane Austen ornament for a friend of mine- the freebie was sent out with Tanya's (Sampler Girl) orders from her $5 sale. :)

We also had something a little odd happen yesterday- the kids and I came home from church and running errands and their were ladybugs all over the front of our building!  We also had several in the house as Rob's and my bedroom window was open and evidently we have some little holes in our screen.  So the window was quickly shut and Hanna and I began ladybug-catching.  We tried to be humane and set most of them free, though I fear when I was vaccuuming up dust around the window one or two may have met their end. I thought we had most of them, then realized the seal around our kitchen door at the bottom has come off and there was enough space for them to get in- so we caught some more.  I also filled up the crevice with tin foil until I can call our property manager to replace our seal/ or the ladybugs move on, whichever comes first.  According to Hanna they were still around when they got home from school with Rob!

Well, that's the update- sorry no pics tonight, I am feeling a bit tired and lazy- maybe tomorrow. :)


Sharlotte said...

You know there were a ton of lady bugs around here a few weeks ago. Time of year maybe? As far as the Excedrin Migraine goes, all it is is an extra strength Tylenol and 65 mg of caffine. Next time you might try taking an extra strength Tylenol and drink a strong cup of coffee.It's cheaper that way too.I'm betting it was the coating on the Excedrin that bothered your stomach. I've had a history w/ bleeding ulcers for years and a lot of the time it's the coating on pills that irritate it. I snagged a Bass Pro Christmas Catalog for Rob this weekend. Are you interested in me sending it? I know you said he didn't have one close.

Kathy said...

I hope you are feeling better. Odd thing about the ladybugs.

I use excedrin migraine all the time and found that with this (and any pain reliever) always take it with food. Anything, a few crackers, a full glass of milk. Anything to coat your stomach. Not only does excedrin migraine have the caffeine but it also has aspirin which can upset a stomach.

Sarah :D said...

Oh, the ladybug thing brings back memories!! When we lived in Illinois, like ten years ago, every year the ladybugs would come in the last week of October, and they'd swarm around the house :D I always loved it, and ever since I've called the last week of October "Ladybug Week"

g-girl said...

oh no! sorry to hear about the migraine. :P that sucks about the effect of excedrin migraine on you too! i've learned the greatness of those things after working @ my last school-it was the first time i ever started getting migraines (working there!!). sounds like the girls had a great time during their sleepover! how did david like having the extra girls around? teehee! weird about the ladybugs!

Babs said...

Ladybugs arrived here a few days ago. I can't see that they hurt anything. They do drive my cat Kylie crazy though...she hasn't figured out how to get on the ceiling, lol.
Sorry about the headache, and I didn't know about Bright Needle. And thanks for commenting in my little world.

Siobhan said...

I have to admit, I think ladybugs are cute, if bugs can be cute, but they kind of skeeve me, too. Okay, all bugs skeeve me. Ahem.

Sorry to hear about the headaches! I will take 2 extra strength acetaminophen products (not sure of the spelling... Tylenol or the offbrands) or 3 Ibuprofens, and that will usually knock off the head ache. I suffer from them a lot. I have iron deficiency anemia & it is one of the side effects.

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