Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pretty in Poppies

My mom bought this dress for Hanna- I just love it! I wish they had it in my size!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Noel by Need'l Love Co.

Finished this one in just a few days- it is from a 1986 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue (oops, think I mentioned that in my last post..). I have also decided since I love snowmen and have a TON of snowman patterns I am going to have a snowman stitching day. Which day this will be I'm not sure, but I've already chosen the design to start it off - "Magic" by San Man Originals. I am excited about this one because the colors are really neat and I am going to do it on some Sugar Maple Fabrics multi-colored fabric- I forget the name at the moment!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stitchy Weekend!

I've gone into this long weekend determined to stitch, stitch, stitch! So far so good! I finished my Lizzie Kate WIP but will not post it here yet- I want to give it to my friend first. I'm not sure if she reads my blog so I'd rather be safe.. I was so excited to finish it- it was fun but I was anxious to start "In the Kitchen with Jane Austen" by the Sampler Girl. I went to get the fabric I had set aside, and alas, it was not big enough. Not even close. And none of the fabric I have will suffice, and I don't have the money to get any right now. :( Oh well.. I looked through my stash for something else to work on in the meantime and found Just Nan's "Big Bee, Little Bee." I don't think I have ever stitched a Just Nan design, even though I think they're beautfiul, so I thought even though it's almost summer, it's kind of springy/summery, so I'll do it. There is no finis
hed picture of the design with the pattern which makes it even more fun in my opinion. I'm sure I could find one online, or perhaps have already seen one and don't remember, but I want to be surprised. :) I'm also working on an ornament from the 1986 JCS Ornament/Christmas issue- a cute little Santa by The Need'l Love Company.
And that's the update! Please let's not forget the real reason for this long holiday weekend- let's remember those who have fallen, and those who still serve, to keep our country free.

a few leaflets for sale or trade..

I have a few cross stitch leaflets for sale or trade- just go to and click the "For Sale or Trade" album. All prices include postage within the U.S. Thanks for looking! Please leave a comment w/ your email address if you're interested in any of them. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Prairie Schooler finish

Today on my lunch break I finished up this little PS freebie I'd been working on. I'm not sure how I'm going to finish it yet- ornament maybe..or a card.. maybe even a bookmark. What are your thoughts? Oh, and I didn't use the suggested DMC for this. Instead I used- Weeks Dye Works Whitewash, Mascara, Blue Bonnet; Olde Willow Quaker School Blue; Crescent Colors Manor Red; and Gentle Art Blue Spruce and Brandy.

Why did the ducks cross the road?

We were driving through a subdivision the other day and were stopped by these little guys crossing the road! I wish my picture had turned out better...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another ornament kit finished!

Here's another one of the ornaments I'm stitching for my MIL. These kits are not made real well. They have DMC floss which is great but the graphs are not consistent with the picture on the package. All the backstitch is not shown on the pattern, just some of it, and there was an open square in the church roof that was not open in the picture. Weird! All in all though I think this is one of my favorites of these ornaments. The colors aren't "Christmasy" but they're pretty!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pillow finish

Here is something I stitched for my grandma last year. I finished it into a pillow today using the fabric from the Thistle Bee Quilt Shop (see previous post). I can't wait to send it to her, she loves all things patriotic! Also, I sewed (?) up a pillow for Hanna, out of some Pink Panther fabric she wanted me to buy a while back. She cut it and stuffed it, I just sewed it up! :)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

An exciting find!!

For several years, there has been a shop near our local Wal-mart called The Thistle Bee Quilt Shoppe. I have never gone by the shop, because I don't quilt (though someday I would like to learn) and don't have the time for another hobby right now! However, I've brought out my sewing machine again and would like to finish some projects, so I thought I'd check them out and see what their fabric selection was like for tucks and such. And wow, did this place have some fabric, and pretty reasonable prices I think. I found the perfect fabric (actually several) to finish a project for my grandma. And to make it the perfect visit, I found they also carry Weeks Dye Works! Not a full selection but quite a few! This was wonderful news for me as the closest shop that carries them otherwise is an hour away in Raleigh. This trip just made my day! Here is a picture of the shop and my fabric find, next to the stitched piece. Also, a piece I stitched back in 2004 but just recently finished into a pillow (thanks to dh's seamstress abilities)for a friend.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

a forgotten finish

I finished this right around the time my camera batteries went dead- lol! I was going to work on something else last night and found this in the pouch with it. It's going to be hard to part with this one but I imagine I will make it into an ornament at Christmas and give it to someone special. So if you are the recipient than you know you mean a whole lot to me! ;D This is a design from one of the Just Cross Stitch ornament issues by Blue Ribbon Designs. Please forgive me for the horrible lighting in some of my pictures- there aren't many windows in the downstairs of our townhouse and even using flash some of them come out pretty dark!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

A shameless ebay plug..

Including a Disney Princesses cross stitch book and a handmade beaded scissors fob.. my ebay ID is hannasmom1198. Thanks for looking!

Cross Stitch Giveaway!

Simone is having a cross-stitch giveaway on her blog! Check it out!

A Gathering of Secrets by Linda Castillo

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