Saturday, May 09, 2009

An exciting find!!

For several years, there has been a shop near our local Wal-mart called The Thistle Bee Quilt Shoppe. I have never gone by the shop, because I don't quilt (though someday I would like to learn) and don't have the time for another hobby right now! However, I've brought out my sewing machine again and would like to finish some projects, so I thought I'd check them out and see what their fabric selection was like for tucks and such. And wow, did this place have some fabric, and pretty reasonable prices I think. I found the perfect fabric (actually several) to finish a project for my grandma. And to make it the perfect visit, I found they also carry Weeks Dye Works! Not a full selection but quite a few! This was wonderful news for me as the closest shop that carries them otherwise is an hour away in Raleigh. This trip just made my day! Here is a picture of the shop and my fabric find, next to the stitched piece. Also, a piece I stitched back in 2004 but just recently finished into a pillow (thanks to dh's seamstress abilities)for a friend.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you! My needlepoint shop carries threads, but I'd love to have another LNS near me. The one I went to I stopped because the owner was so full of drama. I wish she'd sell to a new owner, then I'd go back! LOL!

Dawn said...

Well done on your find. Just love your little pillow.

Wish we had such gorgeous looking little shops in the UK.

Devon(UK) (BBI Group)

g-girl said...

i need a dh with seamstress abilities...;)

Christie said...

I know you must be so excited. My sister made me go with her to every craft shop in the area when we were visiting my brother. She bought so much stuff it is amazing!!

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