Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm still around..

Long time no blog, sorry about that! I don't get much computer time these days. Spare time is spent sleeping or doing housework, which seems to never end and the house is still a mess. Anyone want to come help me clean? lol I have managed to get a tiny bit of stitching in here and there.. worked on my flip it a bit and my Christmas ornament.. still no finishes tho.
David is growing like a weed.. took him in to the dr. the other day cause his cord still hadn't fallen off and he weighed 10 lbs 12 oz! I asked the nurse if I heard her right, I couldn't believe it. The doc put some silver nitrate on his cord and it fell off that night, his belly button still looks kind of weird tho.. will give it a few days and see what happens.
He is becoming more interactive now, he coos sometimes when you talk to him and smiles quite a bit. It's just the cutest thing!!
I have yet to catch it on camera yet tho. I almost did yesterday but he was in the swing and it was swinging so the picture turned out blurry, darn it.
I'm back at work, this is my last week of part time, waaaaaaaaaah. I have enjoyed my 2 days off a week.. but can't afford to keep them. Maybe someday..
Hanna's last day of kindergarten was today- she got the citizenship award for her class, which is the best award she could get, the teachers choose one student to get it and it's basically for outstanding behavior the whole year. The principal signs the award certificate and everything. So I'm a proud mommy.
Well I guess that's about it right now.. will post a pic of the kids I took the other day. Wow, still seems weird saying "the kids" TTFN!

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debbi said...

Sounds so blissful. Enjoy them while they are little. Congrats to Hannah on her award.

hugs, debbi

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