Saturday, September 17, 2005

Saturday night

Well I don't know if I have enough to say to fill up two blogs but I like messing around with the settings on this one so I'll keep it, if anything just for stitching updates and a random thought here and there. I like Yahoo 360 cause I can limit who reads it but there's not the fun templates and fun stuff you can add, at least not yet. I like the burgundy in this template, thought it was kind of fall- ish. I love fall. I hope the temps cool down soon so it feels like fall!


debbi said...

Tracey -
If you blog, they will come (well, at least I will). I have two too but I find that I'm leaning more towards blogger than Yahoo at this point. This one lets me put in smileys and such and I love to play!

Keep on blogging.

Leeny said...

hey tracey,

personally, i prefer blogger too, i think i'll be sticking to blogger and wont be migrating to yahoo 360 anytime soon. i hope you keep blogging here!

take care,
eileen :)

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