Sunday, September 30, 2007

Very disappointed..

This is my Christ in Gethsemane framed. I'm NOT disappointed about this. My dad made the frame and my mom framed it for me. I took this to the county fair for the needlework competition and did not win ANYTHING for this. I mean, the eyes and the hands are 3 floss threads over one fabric thread! The two other pieces I submitted were unframed and therefore in a different category- they got 2nd and 3rd place ribbons and were much simpler, and THIS got NOTHING?? I know it's just a county fair, and it's not the reason I did the piece to start with, but I thought surely it would get something. The ones who got blue ribbons were professionally framed and I'm pretty sure that's why. But you know what? I am not spending $70 or more to get this framed at Michael's when my dad makes beautiful frames. Anyway, I just had to vent.. thanks for listening.

1 comment:

g-girl said...

ugh! I can't believe this piece didn't win anything! :( Some people just don't know talent, you know??

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