Sunday, August 17, 2008

Final thoughts on P&P

I was pleasantly surprised by this! While still not comparable to the A&E Pride and Prejudice, there were things I still liked about this one.. I mentioned some in the previous post. Upon further watching I found the Bennet home not so near to poverty as I orginally thought. The actor playing Mr Darcy did grow on me but still does not hold a candle to Colin Firth. ;-) I thought it silly that Mr Darcy came to Elizabeth in her bedroom to give her the letter as such a thing would have most certainly been frowned upon back then, and Lady Catherine waking them all from their beds to fuss at Elizabeth? I found that far-fetched as well. However I did like the engagement of Jane and Mr Bingley, I liked that they showed her acceptance. Mr Collins was funny as always though I thought his portrayal very similar to the actor in A&E's version.. I liked the actress playing Mary Bennet better in this one as she wasn't quite so homely, and I liked where she and Mr Bennet hugged after he embarassed her at the ball. I also liked the end, where you see Lizzy and Mr Darcy at Pemberley after they were married, I thought it was sweet, even if we did miss the wedding. Ok that's my thoughts! Would love to hear what you think, you deserve a listen after my rambling.. lol


J Rae said...

While a HUGE fan of the A&E version, there was sooooooooooooo much I liked about this version. Where to begin...
Jane - prettier (since it was such a point of her being the "prettiest" of the girls)
Charlotte - more friendly/fun and a little more spinster looking
Mary - not as homely and you could see more that she liked Mr. Collins
The Bennett home - looked poorer than the A&E version
Wickham - looked more the "heartbreaker" part (why all the girls would fall for him)
Mr. Collins - not as annoying and nasally as the A&E version. Just right amount of stupidity or whatever.
engagement - showed Bingley worrying over proposing to her with Mr. Darcy and then showed Jane's enthusiastic acceptance.
Mr. Darcy's sister - can't remember her name. Seemed more her age. Could see why she fell for Mr. Wickham's charms.
Mr. Darcy - seemed shyer and not as condescending. Slightly more approachable. Seemed tp be more of an attraction between him and Elizabeth. In A&E version I sensed no chemistry at all.
Elizabeth's acceptance - loved the early morning scene of Mr. Darcy coming to her and her acceptance of him. Beautiful scene. He looks sooooooooo sexy here!
closing scene - would have loved to have seen the weddings, but loved the closing scene after they are married.
music/film style - loved the musical score (have the soundtrack) and the filming style. Just beautiful!
Was extremely surprised how much I liked this version after loving the Colin Firth version for so long.

Christine said...

I also enjoyed this version much more than I expected too.
Of course it isn't as good as the BBC version, mostly, I think, because it is considerably shorter so has to omit far more of the source material, but it still has many charms.
I liked the fact the Darcy's aloofness was shown to be as much a result of shyness as of snobbery. I think this does come across in the book, and was perhaps not so obvious in the BBC version.
I also thought it made the inapropriate behaviour of Elizabeth's family more apparent.
I enjoyed the slightly dream-like feel to some of the scenes, notably the scene showing the passage of time in the Bennet's farmyard, and the early morning mist proposal scene.
On the down side I thought Wickham not quite wicked enough, though certainly very charming and easy on the eye!
I have to say I did not enjoy the final scene one little bit. I found it cloying and over sweet. Interestingly, it is completely omitted from the English version of the film, and I have only seen it as an extra on my DVD. The version we saw ends with Mr Bennet saying "I am quite at my leisure"

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