Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Progress on "I Love Candy Canes" and some pics of my little man :)

I worked on "I Love Candy Canes" yesterday for a little bit.. but I was so tired I didn't get too much done. Although I haven't posted progress for a couple weeks so it will look like alot! lol

Yesterday David and I went outside for a bit since the night was cooler, to blow bubbles and draw with sidewalk chalk. Here are a few pictures of my little funny man.


Tracey said...

Your little guy is just adorable...looks to be about the same age as my son!

:) T

Bizee Fingers said...

Hi Tracey!

Thanks for visiting over the weekend, boy you've been busy as well, glad to hear your little guy is better, he is such a cutie pie!

I had a chance to look at some of your music and reads, we have such similar loves!

I look forward to seeing more of your WIP's!


Carolyn NC said...

Great pics of your little one - stitching is great!

Micki said...

Really cute pics! Your stitchery is lovely!

Charlene said...

Progress is being made! That little fellow is adorable - those dreamy eyes are precious!!

Siobhan said...

Lovely progress! Your little guy is just adorable. :)

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