Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Snickerdoodle anyone?

Welll... the kids and I made these tonight!   I love snickerdoodles because not only are they delicious but the ingredients are always in  your cupboard! Well except cream of tartar.. we were out of that.. but a recipe online is almost identical to Better Homes and Gardens but doesn't have the cream of tartar, so we figured it could be done. (PLEASE NOTE:  I have had requests for the recipe- I will post it later but really all we did is use the recipe out of the Better Homes and Gardens cook book-the checkered one- just without the cream of tartar.) The house smelled of cinnamon for a while- it smelled like Christmas!  Hanna and I tried to keep David out of the kitchen as long as possible, because he's always sticking his fingers in things, etc.  But finally he did figure us out.. and he was pretty good-

although by the look on Hanna's face you see she was telling him to do something.  I can't remember what it was.
Please ignore the mess in the background, and our old ratty cabinets. We rent so we have no control over that! lol

And just when you thought my New Bern pics were finished- I remember I saved a few that mom took too.
Here are Hanna and I-

Hanna looking for seashells-

A nice little garden by one of the shops

The beach at Fort Macon

And me at the fort.. see me?
More stitchy pictures soon- I worked on S&S tonight- finished the box with the cottage in it and the word "sensiblity." Yea me! lol


Elaine said...

Oh those do look yummy! Can you post the recipe please Tracey.

Margaret said...

I love snickerdoodles! I'd love a recipe too. :D

Babs said...

Never had a snickerdoodle..I must live in another time zone or even the twilight zone :) But love seeing your cutie pies making them and really love your Bern pics. thanks for sharing.

Raven/Missy said...

Ohh those cookies look delicious! I love when the house smells of cinnamon and I enjoy baking with my children also. It looks like they had a great time making snickerdoodles!

Deb said...

Snickerdoodles are my favorite all time cookie! I can smell them right now!

Carolyn NC said...

Yummy! - They look wonderful - nice pictures!

g-girl said...

did the cookies taste any different/seem different without the cream of tartar? jw. beautiful shot of the beach. hey, you and hanna are about the same height now! :O

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