Thursday, May 06, 2010

a few more pics..

I will have a stitchy post soon- I promise!! I am taking a break from the New Bern/Fort Macon pics to share with you some from my own backyard!! We have some wonderful wild honeysuckle growing behind our building and the neighboring building- it smells so sweet you can smell it out in front of the house too!
I'm not sure what the little flowers growing with it are, but they smell good too-

Rob put a strawberry plant in the planter with our flowers on our back patio and they are starting to blossom too!

and here's a photo of some of the others, you've seen them before, just at a different angle. :)

Maybe I will post my progress on Sense and Sensibility later... :)


Myra said...

Pretty pictures. I took some pictures of our Honeysuckle earlier today too. There is nothing like that wonderful fragrance.

Elaine said...

Your garden must be lovely with all those pretty flowers.

kwolfe said...

What happened to Hanna's irises from New Bern?

Mylene said...

Beautiful flower pictures!

Siobhan said...

Lovely garden pics!

g-girl said...

beautiful flowers! I can smell them through the computer screen. ;)