Thursday, October 06, 2011

a Beach Cottage update..

Well, Hanna found my camera! It was in Rob's car- it must've fallen out of my purse when we went grocery shopping on Sunday. Phew!!  And here is a picture of my Beach Cottage so far, as promised- not much longer until I can start working on the top half! :) 

Yesterday evening I went out to check on my garden and look what I found-
I just love when I'm able to get shots like this, as they are so rare! Some of the seeds I bought were supposed to be a butterfly mix I think so this must be from them! :)

The weather here has been slowly cooling off.. I've been happy to wear a sweater or poncho in the morning. The weather really has been lovely but I would like it just a bit cooler..I'm ready to wear long sleeves!

I've been trying to catch up on my blog reading and I am so glad I've been reading everyone's blogs; they are inspiring and getting me to put down the laptop and get stitching again! And reminding me there are so many projects out there I still want to do. :) Thanks everyone for the inspiration! 


Margaret said...

Love your Beach Cottage so far! So glad Hanna found your camera!

Deb said...

Wonderful flower! Like the beach cottage. Deb

Vickie said...

Beautiful stitching!

Veronica said...

Glad you found your camera. Beach Cottage is looking wonderful. Gorgeous picture of the flower!

Babs in Alabama said...

Tracey, that butterfly flower pic looks professional. What a sight that must have been when you first saw it with the butterflies. Beach Cottage looking good.

Michele said...

Oh I love Beach Cottage!! Got to add that to my wants list :) Looks like you'll be done with it in no time!

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