Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Sorry I've been absent again..

It's been busy here lately- Mom and Dad came to visit on Friday and stayed til Monday.  We had an awesome time as always! Friday night we all went out to eat, to celebrate most of our birthdays- mine of course was Oct. 27, Dad's was Nov. 2, Hanna's was yesterday, and Mom's is on the 24th. Saturday Rob had to work and the rest of us did this and that- started the day at Starbucks♥, did a little shopping.. took Mom and Dad to the Thistle Bee Quilt Shop, and out to my somewhat-LNS to pick up the beads for Summer House- which ended up being too big... so I'm back to square one.  It was my own fault, I didn't bring the piece with me and forgot I had used the petite beads. Sunday we went to church in Raleigh- Mom and Dad are Greek Orthodox and we don't have any Orthodox churches for miles- so we went to All Saints Antiochian Orthodox Church.  They were dedicating their new sanctuary-which is just beautiful!

We also saw some nice fall colors on the way-

The photos really don't do them justice!

Here are a couple more I took near home-

And last but not least- some stitching progress on my Brightneedle ornament- I'm starting to think I should've put it on a slightly darker fabric, but oh well, live and learn! ;)

Oh, and my baby girl turned 13 yesterday- how time flies!!

Look- her hair matches my dad's car! hee hee..


Cindy said...

enjoy your blog - could you tell me where your lns near Raleigh is? I will be there in a week and would love to visit it.

Margaret said...

Glad you had a good time with your parents. What a lot of birthdays! That church really is gorgeous! Lovely Brightneedle ornie! And happy birthday to your DD too. Love the hair!

Mouse said...

thats a lot of birthdays close ... bet your sick of cake heheheh ... love the church you went to and love your DD's hair colour ..looks fab on her :) love mouse xxx

Catherine said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Beautiful church. Your daughter's hair - fun, fun, fun!!

Siobhan said...

Happy birthday to your daughter!

The church is so pretty! My friend is Greek Orthodox and was married in her church--I loved looking at all the different artwork in the icons, etc. Beautiful!

Love the WIP!

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