Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Well, I lied and I didn't mean to- I said last time I would post again soon. Sorry about that! First some stitchy pics- I have started working on The Alamo in the mornings- I have some wait time between when DD goes to school and when DS goes to school- so I've been working on it then, when I am more awake. LOL It's coming along slowly but surely-
It looks a little random- when I am using one color and finish an area, I try to find other places using the same color so I don't have to keep switching colors. :)

I haven't posted a pic of this one yet- it's from a Just Cross Stitch ornament issue- it's Snow Wishes by Victoria Sampler-Designs by Cathy Jean.
Not much longer on this one! :)
I've been listing more items on ebay- I have a box full of patterns to get rid of and I have been so lazy about posting them.. but if you keep checking I'll have listings from time to time..right now I have a Lavender Wings pattern "Stitcher" and a Charles Wysocki leaflet- most of them will be oldies. :) My ebay seller id is hannasmom1198. :)
We had some crazy weather here today- I knew there was a chance of rain but when I got to work it didn't look like it was going to anytime soon, so I left my windows cracked.  Then I happened to look up a little while later and it was pouring rain. Then it cleared off...then it clouded up and rained again, and it went on like this all day! We were actually under a tornado watch until 5pm, thankfully none came. :) When I left work it was pouring down rain and by the time I got home it was hardly raining- and I only live about a mile from my office! I sure am thankful for the rain though. I am impatiently waiting for my mums to bloom. :)
I have posted my progress on my LK sampler on a 2nd page(see tabs above) so that way I won't ruin it for anyone who doesn't want to see it before they stitch it. :)
Oh! I don't know if I mentioned it- but we did some pet-sitting for our neighbors- they had a family emergency and had to go to Alaska on short notice- so the kids and I would go by a few times a day and let the dog out, make sure they're fed, etc.  We couldn't keep them at our place cause they have a male dog and whenever he sees Ginger he goes crazy! And they have cats .. and DH and DD are allergic. So anyway they've been back for a little while, and they brought us some goodies-
Some homemade goodies as well as chocolate rocks for the kids, and two mugs- I love mine- it of course is the one on the left, and some Alaskan coffee- Santa's blend- can't wait to try it!
Well, the washing machine calls.. will post again soon! (this time I really will. ;) )


Nicola said...

Santa's coffee sounds very interesting. It must be scary to be in danger of a tornado.

Margaret said...

Nice presents from Alaska! I bet your neighbors were very grateful to you for taking care of their fur babies while they were away. Love seeing your WIP progress as well. We had crazy weather yesterday for sure -- not just rain but really strong wind! It was a bit scary! Glad it's gone now. :D

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