Thursday, December 27, 2007

Book review!!

Thought I'd throw something new into my blog.. lately I have been really hooked on Beverly Lewis's books- the ones that are about Amish communities? I was seeing them at Walmart all the time so I finally picked up one at the library sale and I was hooked. I just got finished reading a series of two -The Postcard and The Crossroad. They were great!! They center around an Amish woman named Rachel who loses her sight via hysterical blindness toward the beginning of the book, a postcard, and "Englischer" that comes to stay at her family's B&B, etc. I don't want to give anything away but they are really so good! Just make sure if you read any of the books in the different mini-series that you start at the beginning. I am going to take a break from them for a little while but I plan on reading all of them eventually. She really knows what she is writing about because she has Amish/Mennonite heritage in her background. It's really interesting reading about how Amish communities work! Ok that's enough on that for now, but I really do recommend reading them.

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g-girl said...

how did you become interested in reading about the Amish/Mnemonites?

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