Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Candy Cane Seeds!

My latest accomplishment. Rob tied the bows, didn't he do a good job? hee hee. These are gifts for Hanna's teacher and teacher's asst. I have finished something else too but can't post yet cause it's a gift for someone and I haven't given it yet. ;-) I really like these jars, I may make one more for my desk at work..but probably after Christmas.


g-girl said...

ohh, the gifts for hanna's teachers are cute! what a great idea. :) and yes, rob did a fantastic job on the bows! ;)

Elisabeth said...

What *would* we do without our men??? Mine made himself useful removing the bell from the bottom one of a pair of bell-pull ends so that I could make a pair do for 2 projects!! In fact, he's done it twice! Worth his weight in gold, my guy!!!!LOL

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