Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lazy Sunday

It's been a fairly relaxing day today.. went to church this morning after thawing the car doors and scraping the windows, been doing a little laundry but other than that just been hangin' out. The kids have been watching Star Wars movies all day upstairs, so we've been watching this and that, I've been online, been doing some stitching.. but what I am really excited about is that I ordered a sewing machine! Dh's work had a 'gift book' that they gave out at Christmas- we looked through it and looked through the online catalog but couldn't decide on anything.. they had a little cordless sewing machine (that does come with an adapter thankfully), so I ordered it, it should come in handy making tucks and ornaments and things. I had one of those "As seen on TV" Easy Sew sewing machines, but it didn't come with an adapter and I left the batteries in it too long, so of course they leaked. I tried to clean it out but it still wouldn't work right. So I'm going to try again. This one's called a Magic Stitch. If I can get halfway decent at sewing I'll invest in a real sewing machine. I kind of have to be self-taught as no one around here can show me that I know of, the ones I know that could, I would have to go to them which would require making sure dh or someone could watch the kids, etc... too much of a pain. Dh surprisingly has a little sewing experience (from being in the military? I don't know) so he has shown me some basics.
I had gotten an OLD sewing machine from a friend, if this new one works out I will give it back to her. It didn't have a manual and I was afriad to even try it.. I found some threading diagrams online for it but they weren't very easy to read.
Other than that not much going on today, I've been working on my "Comfort House" freebie from The Jane Austen Stiching Group and I like the way it's turning out. I changed the colors a bit cause I like overdyed threads better, and the color the words were in didn't show up on the fabric I had chosen- basically the only piece I had that was large enough. lol When I get a little more done I'll post a pic.
That's about it here for now.. gonna check some boards and my email then probably stitch some more. I love days like this but it does make it hard to get geared up for work tomorrow! ;-)

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g-girl said...

i need to learn to use a sewing machine too!!

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