Saturday, February 09, 2008

A funny Ash Wednesday story

I know, Ash Wednesday is not a funny day.. but I had to share this. My church is relatively small, and not many people (sadly) show up for the Lenten services. So at our Ash Wednesday service all of us that were there came up around the altar at the same time to receive ashes on our forehead, including me and my 2 kids. David, my 2 year old, after I got the ashes on my forehead looked at me and loudly said "EEEW! EEEW!" and was pointing at my head, and his sister's. He said something else that I can't remember then continued to say "EEW!" and said to me "You going to take a bath?" LOL!!! It was too funny. Thank goodness people at my church are fairly laid back.

1 comment:

g-girl said...

that is too cute! now, did he get the ashes on his forehead even after he commented on how you needed to take a bath??

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