Sunday, February 03, 2008

"Magic Stitch" sewing machines are..

PIECES OF CRAP!!!!! I mean, I wasn't expecting a professional grade sewing machine, just something that I can sew little pillows and ornaments with and stuff.. well I got one free through this gift thing at my husband's work. When we got it the thing was already threaded, which was ok but it had a little sample piece of fabric in it, and the thread was kind of twisted, the foot pedal didn't work..and now my new year's resolution is messed up because I was going to finish something every week, as I mentioned before.. I hadn't posted week 4 yet due to my camera batteries being dead.. but I had been keeping up. I am really upset, I stayed up late pinning and cutting all for naught. And there's not even an address to send the thing back to that I could find. I know it was free but I want them to know what a piece of junk the thing is.

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