Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An angel or a mistake??

Something very strange happened today- it is too good to be true really. I got a notice in the mail from a company we have a loan with that a phone payment for a rather large amount had been authorized. I was freaking out because I didn't authorize the payment. I called the loan place straight away and she said "an older man" called a few days ago and wanted to make two payments on our account. She said we are the only people on their books with our last name. I have called almost everyone I can think of that could have possibly done it, and everyone says they didn't (and seem honest about it.) It's so strange! I am nervous it was all a big mistake. I guess I may never know! What a blessing if it isn't!


Christie said...

I'm sure that it was someone whose life you touched. Just relax and enjoy it. :)

g-girl said...

such a kind gesture-whoever it was. :)

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