Sunday, March 08, 2009

New Stash!!

I finally made it out to Lazy Daizy in Raleigh- I LOVE that store!! I got there 20 min. before they closed and picked up a few things. Sadly, they are no longer carrying The Sampler Girl's designs, which I was hoping they would have, but I did get the last one they did have, which happened to be one I wanted! So here is a pic I of what I got- if you can't see it well it is In the Kitchen With Jane Austen by the Sampler Girl, Cecilia 1896 by Lisa Cowell, Serenity Waits by Plum Pudding Needle Art, Shell Gatherer by Liz Navickas Designs, a skein of Gentle Art Buttermilk (needed for the Jane Austen pattern- I didn't think I had any but found later that I do. oops), and a skein of now-retired Weeks Dye Works Butterscotch. I also got a Pine Mountain Pillow kit for Hanna that's not pictured here. It was half off. Hooray!


bea said...

What so wonderfull charts , il love your choice !!!
And I hope that you will talk us about the book about Jane Austen's letters !!!
Have a great day !!!

Christie said...

yay. i am so glad that you got your x-stitch "fix". :) i miss you. hugs!

Gaga said...

Lovely stash.
I really liked your bookmark finish.
Congrats on all your other finishes.

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