Sunday, August 09, 2009

Finally a finish!!

I finished this Val's Stuff freebie yesterday.. I would post a link but the freebie was one from my LNS... what do y'all think of this frame for this design?

Thanks everyone for your advice on the fleas. Dh did buy some flea and tick home spray last night.. so far so good. I still have gotten a couple of bites I think but I haven't seen any jumping on me so that must be a good sign. We'll see how things go. Treatment we're using on the dog must be working ok too as I haven't seen him scratch much. We did find out that Tractor Supply had decent prices on flea prevention so we may check them out when we run out next time. Thank you all for listening to my moaning and groaning in my last post, and for your help and support! You all are the best!


Jennifer said...

I really like the red frame for your piece. Great stitching!


Carolyn NC said...

Your finish is adorable and will look great in that frame. :)

Terri said...

Love the will be a great finish to your finish! Glad to hear the flea treatment is working.

Thanks so much for the congratulations and well wishes on MJ's birth. We are all absolutely head-over-heels for her and feel so blessed that the good Lord sent her to us!

g-girl said...

very pretty! oh no..sorry to hear about the fleas and ticks. :P

Joyful said...

The perfect Frame! Cute design too!

I have some nice freebies on my website also at:
You may really enjoy stitching "His Name is Jesus" which has blessed many.


Julia said...

Hello, the project become wonderful!
Love that freebie.
Would you please tell me if you are able to share it with me?

Smiles from Barcelona

Julia said...

Hello, the little snowman is just wonderful.
Congrats for your work.
I would like to stitch it too, would you please let me know if you are able to share the pattern with me?
thanks so much
Smiles from Barcelona

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