Monday, August 02, 2010

Gifts from across the pond and progress on "G"

I received some lovely goodies in the mail today from my stitching friend Barb- we had done a little exchange a while back and she had mailed me a little stitched cushion for me and sent a pattern.. but the envelope had been torn open by the time I got it and the cushion had fallen out or was taken. So she surprised me with these lovelies-

She asked a friend of hers to make a cross just for me- I wish I could capture its sparkle in the picture- it's made with Swarovski crystals. :) Thank you so much Barb! I rarely get stitchy surprises so it made it all the more special.
I made a little progress on G this weekend- I think this one is going to stitch up quick. I hope so cause I am really far behind!

Looks very patriotic right now doesn't it? Well I suppose I better be off to bed.. hope everyone has a great week!


Carolyn NC said...

Awesome gift! - Love, love this design!

Nancy said...

What lovely gifts from your friend Barb. She does beautiful work! How awful that the first package was opened and your gift was missing.

Look forward to seeing your finished G. Hope you have a good week too!

Patty C. said...

Lovely gift (I am so sorry someone nabbed the previous one)

Have a great day ;)

Margaret said...

What pretty gifts! And your letter G is looking good too!

Elaine said...

Beautiful gifts Tracey. Look forward to more progress on G.

g-girl said...

what special gifts! washington?

Jon Lee said...

The gifts are lovely. I like the letter you are stitching. I had a package delivered to me several years ago, and someone took it from my front porch.

Micki said...

The gifts are just lovely!
Enjoy them!