Sunday, August 15, 2010

A giveaway and updates...

First, the giveaway! Not mine but I will be doing some soon...Belinda at Designs from Blue Ribbon Girl is having a great giveaway.  Click here for details!

I have been really lazy with my stitching lately- I guess it's cause it's summer and we're not in our usual routine, plus I have been doing lots of reading this summer and sometimes I get too involved in my book!

My Premier Designs jewelry party was fun, as I mentioned in an earlier post- thought I would share with you all the free jewelry I got!
They have beautiful jewelry- I need to stop looking through the catalog because I keep finding more things I want.. I think I am becoming a jewelry junkie! lol
Here is my progress on Summer House-

I'm making some progress on G too, but so far it's still all blue and gray- so I'll post a pic of that when it looks a bit more interesting. :)
I took Hanna to the eye doctor the other day- she was looking forward to it cause her sight had been a little blurry lately- she was really hoping to get glasses, believe it or not. Well she got her wish!

She really likes them and so do I. I was hoping she'd enjoy reading more now, but no such luck. :( I just love to read so much it's hard for me to understand why she doesn't!  She has a ton of books -some given to her, some we bought, that she supposedly wanted, but she never wants to read any of them. It's so frustrating!


Myra said...

Tell Hanna the glasses look fabulous! So stylish. Looks like you made quite a haul with your jewelry party - you'll be blinging it up for a while. :o) Summer House is looking good as well.

Margaret said...

Nice jewelry and Summer House progress. I was like Hanna -- I wanted glasses. lol! Her glasses look great! As for reading -- hey we can commiserate with each other. I have the same problem with my son. Hasn't gotten any better as he's grown. And like you I love to read. I'd be lost if I couldn't get a good read in. I hope Hanna starts to like reading.

Lois said...

The glasses look great! I was an avid reader but my daughter never loved it the way I did. Nice jewellery and Summer House is looking good!

g-girl said...

does rob like to read much? maybe when she gets older she'll be a reader like you are. the glasses look great. :)

Siobhan said...

Hanna looks so cute with those glasses! With my older daughter, I bribed her into reading the Harry Potter books. I told her (when in elementary school) that I'd buy her a wizard stuffed animal if she'd read HP. At that time, she was into those Babysitter Club books. Well, she took off running with the HP books and LOVED them. She's in college now and doesn't read as much as I'd like when she's not studying--but since she studies hard, I won't harp (too much). My younger daughter wasn't much of a reader at all until she was about 13 or so. She totally jumped the teen book genre and went into adult books (which were first read by me to make sure they weren't too racy!)--loved the Philippa Gregory Tudor series--and hasn't stopped since. Hang in there--hopefully something will spark her interest!

Love the WIP!

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