Sunday, November 21, 2010

my 99 cent sale on ebay and other stuff!

Long time no blog again, I am sorry.  Seems life keeps getting in the way.. that and I need to limit my time on other computer related things(facebook!) and put aside some time to read blogs and update my own. Today I listed (and re-listed) some old leaflets and magazines on ebay- a few Christmas Cross Country Stitching mags, some old Precious Moments books, and a few other things.. all starting bids at 99 cents or less.  I am going to list some more too but right now I need to take a break.  It takes a while to list things! Plus I have to get ready for zumba class soon. Oh - my ebay ID is hannasmom1198, if you're interested. ;-)

Last weekend my parents came to visit- we had a great time as always, but kept very busy as always. Mom and Dad were here all day Monday for a change- usually they leave on Monday- so I took them to Waynesborough Village, where I took the kids a couple of weeks ago- and got a few more snaps.

This is Kitty Boo-one of the resident cats- she followed us (or sometimes led us) from house to house.

Stitching progress has been slow-I need to buckle down and get some things finished. I may put projects for myself aside and get some Christmas ornaments/cards/gifts done.
Here is the Christmas ornament I've been working on-
and here is the hedgehog freebie- don't think I will have it done for this fall. lol

Thanks for your patience with me! I will try to post more soon. If I don't post before then- have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Catherine said...

Your stitches look great! I think I am going to have to put mine aside as well and get some ornaments for gifts taken care of!

Margaret said...

I like your WIPs! Glad you had fun with your parents. This time of year is always busy isn't it? Have a great Thanksgiving!

Siobhan said...

No need to apologize about not posting or commenting. Enjoy life and blog/comment when you can. We'll be here! ;) Your WIPs look great, and I'm so glad that you had a good time with your parents!

Sue said...

Love your stitching and pics! I was so confused as we are just entering winter and I couldn't figure out where you are since it's fall for you. Australia, right? Also, love your JA Sampler Girl piece. Everytime I see that quote it makes me laugh. Oh, and am quite impressed that you finished Ireland. I didn't even get to finish the audio; wish I did. Will take out again from the library.

Sue said...

Love your stitching and JA piece. That saying makes me laugh every time I read it. Also am impressed that you finished Ireland!

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