Thursday, December 16, 2010

Busy busy busy!

I know, I'm not doing so well at keeping my word, about blogging more often! I'm sorry! I haven't forgotten, it's just been a crazy month.  Rob was on a business trip to WI for a week, so I was on my own with the kids. I am so thankful for a great boss, who let me go get Hanna every day so I wouldn't have to pay the day care to keep her! The kids both had things at school that week too- Hanna had a chorus concert, and David was in a pirate play.
My stitching has been slim to none- I need to get my stitching mojo back! I did however assemble some ornaments to give the kids' teachers- their last day of school before Christmas break is tomorrow. We had an 'ice' day today- not much snow, just ice and sleet, so school was called off. So I got to stay home most of the day with the kids, and it was a blessing because I would have been up late tonight doing those ornaments otherwise! I shouldn't have waited til the last minute. I will confess that none of these were stitched recently- just assembled recently. :)

I am also a bit embarrassed about the wrinkledness( that a word?) of this last one, granted the light does highlight them a bit, but I ironed and ironed this.. I thought I had gotten them out, or at least pulled it tight enough to smooth them a bit, but I guess not. :( Well at least it doesn't look this bad in real life. I was just trying to remember the designs of all of these- the first Santa was from an older magazine or leaflet I think- not sure of the second designer either. :( The third is Homespun Elegance I believe and the last one is Lizzie Kate I think. :)
I am nowhere near ready for Christmas- have almost all my shopping to do yet-but I am trying not to stress out! I will post a picture of the Christmas tree soon. Oh and I almost forgot-every year our town has a 'town lighting' night.. I don't think I have posted any pics from this yet. I want to get some better ones of downtown when it's not so crowded because it really is pretty. But here are some for now.

The snow is not real, it's a snow machine! :)


Brigitte said...

Very nice pictures, Tracey. And some great ornaments, too. I can relate to this last minute stitching or finishing, lol. I always think that there's still a lot of time but then after a while I run out of time, lol.

Lois said...

Cute ornaments Tracey and lovely pics. Have a lovely Christmas!

Margaret said...

Lovely ornaments! I love the pics of your town's tree lighting festival too. I think this time of year is always difficult to keep up with blogging. Just post when you can!

Catherine said...

Great ornaments! The tree lighting festival looks so quaint!!

Roberta said...

Hi Tracey, love the picture of the children and of your town. It has got to get you into the spirit of the holidays. I think everyone is just scurrying to get things together.

Love the ornaments that you put together - they are cute.

Merry Christmas.

Debra said...

Adorable site! Lovely photos and needlework.
Meet your newest follower on Google.
Hope you'll swing by and visit me too.
Merry Christmas!

Pointed Stitcher said...

Your ornaments are beautiful and it doesn't matter when they were stitched because it's such an accomplishment to get them finished!! Merry Christmas.

Siobhan said...

Great pics! You did a wonderful job on the ornaments. Have a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...


Nancy in IL said...

Tracey, I really enjoyed my visit to your blog, even if you're not posting often enough, LOL!

Though your ornaments weren't stitched very recently, they sure are sweet, and I'm sure the teachers enjoyed them immensely. I loved every one!

You pix of the town lighting are really beautiful. One thing I can't do is photograpy well. I just don't take the time to work on it, I guess. Thanks for the comment on my blog!

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