Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How does my garden grow?

I went out to the garden today and there were so many nice surprises! Look at how big my phlox is(are?) getting!

We have another strawberry blossom-had two but I think the birds got to one. >:(

And the seeds I got from Target are growing, as well as what I think are my alyssum

Argh- blogger keeps turning my pictures sideways all of a sudden! I keep trying to re-upload them and blogger is turning them. :P  My lavender seems to be off to a good start too- hopefully it will do better this year than the last- the summer heat fried it last year.

I did a quick project yesterday and the day before- a good friend of mine from church's mother passed away (who was also a friend of mine) so I stitched her this little card. She is a stitcher also. :)
Let's see if blogger will keep this one right side up!

It was out of the Sept. issue of the UK mag Quick and Easy Cross Stitch- not sure what year because it says September 144 on the cover?! It has copyright 2006 on the inside so maybe that's what year it was. I attached the design with just brads- I figured that way if she wanted to take it off the card and use it as a bookmark or do something else with it, she could.  It was stitched on linen with DMC threads.
Oh, I almost forgot- does anyone know what this plant is?
It has been popping up in almost all of my pots- I thought it was one of my flowers but now I'm not so sure, as those small buds aren't getting any bigger. I know the larger plants are strawberries, but wasn't sure if I should pull these others or wait a little longer. Thanks for any input!
On the stitching agenda tonight is "I" again, so I better get off of here and get stitching! Hope everyone is having a great week!


Margaret said...

Nice garden! Since I don't do gardens, I always enjoy what other people's gardens look like. :D What a lovely gesture that stitched card is for your friend. It's beautiful too.

Anonymous said...

Love your photos. I hope to spend time in my garden tomorrow.

Mouse said...

lovely garden .. it looks like a forget me not but am not entirely sure ... better wait till it flowers then can compare :) love mouse xxxx

Barb said...

Oh the blue on the flowers makes you want to have thread that colour lol. Very pretty.
Not sure about the plant wait and see is my opinion.

Hope you will be stitching AT HOME tonight lol.

Carolyn NC said...

Your card is beautiful! Love the garden!

Siobhan said...

Beautiful photos! I love the card, too.

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