Sunday, April 03, 2011

Nature walk

Well, sort of.. David and I took a walk to the 'cardboard dumpster' today- we aren't allowed to throw cardboard in the regular trash- and David asked if we could take a walk.  So we did and of course I took my camera and saw quite a few natural beauties on our little block. And I took a couple of David too of course.

Does anyone know what these berries are?
Also spent sometime in the backyard- David blew a few bubbles, and drew with the sidewalk chalk. I noticed while we were out there that my violets have germinated into the grass!

To bad they will get mown down when the mowers start mowing.  Also found other pretties in the grass..

and look how my viola have grown!
and here again is my miniature gardener. :)

He loves to help in the garden!
Will have a stitchy photo soon- off to work on Jane again! :)


Margaret said...

What a lovely walk! You are so much farther along springwise than we are. Lucky!

Deb said...

Oh my goodness do I love those pictures and all the Springiness. We had snow yesterday again so I think that we have a little ways to go. I'm jealous! :o)

Mouse said...

I think those berries my be sloe berries ??? look very similar to what we have over here except ours ripen in the autumn ... makes a nice gin apparently love mouse xxx

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