Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Catching up...

I just realized I had a bunch of photos I hadn't shared with you yet- I did share some on my photo blog but I thought I'd share those and some other here too.  :) The weekend before last I went to my friend Mandy's house for a Scentsy party.. I didn't buy anything.. :( But I did come home with some free goodies anyway.  The Scentsy lady gave me a free travel tin because I came early and helped get ready for the party- and after the party our friend Emily and I stayed around and hung out with Mandy for a while, and she asked us to come help her pick out her vegetables in her garden.  This is what we picked-
Mandy had way more than she would use so she took a few things and set them aside and let us take whatever we thought we could use.   I got a couple of eggplants, a cucumber, some tomatoes, a green pepper, and some banana peppers. :) We have been having some lovely salads with fresh vegetables the past couple of weeks! Rob cooked up an eggplant as well.  I am blessed to have such a generous friend!
I have been working on my letter "J" in the Stitcher's Alphabet this week- I did work on it a little since I took this picture but only got a little more of her kimono stitched.
I'm trying to decide if I'm going to work on this tonight or on the Brightneedle ornament I've been stitching.
Oh, I almost forgot- here are a few more photos I took at Mandy's.  She has a stray cat that she and her family have kind of adopted- it recently had kittens! Here are some pics I took while there-

Nothing hidden in this photo, I just thought the flowers were pretty. :)
I am going to be having some small giveaways soon- so watch this space! :) I am going to try to post more often as well, and check blogs daily too!


g-girl said...

wow, mandy must have a huge garden! the kimono looks pretty good!

shutterbug (Elaine) said...

All those veggies look yummy! So far we've gotten a couple handfuls of beans and 3 jalapenos. :) Your Stitcher's Alphabet is coming along nicely. It's really pretty. And the kittens...well...I'm thinking one of them would have been in my pocket when I left. :)
Hugs, Elaine

Deb said...

Love all those goodies from your garden! We don't grow anything here (no room and I don't have a green thumb).

Love your Stitcher's Alphabet.

Anonymous said...

WOW such yummy veggies. Great friend and wonderful Rob who cooks...The kimono J is coming along nicely. Keep at it. Dee in TN (a BB lurker)

Gillie said...

Lovely veg, I have just realized I like eggplant that I now have to call aubergine, lol! What a beautiful kitten.

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