Thursday, August 04, 2011


I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted- time flies! I haven't been stitching as much as I should- have been getting into couponing and also swapping coupons with some friends, and that takes a little time.. also been spending too much time on facebook- I don't mean to- I will get ready to sign off and then think of something I wanted to look up or someone I need to message, or just get wrapped up in a game.  I really need to set a timer when I get on there, and sign off when it dings!

I have been getting a little stitching in on my lunch break project - "Decorating the House" by Brightneedle, from one of the JCS Ornament issues.. am stitching it one over one on 32 count something or other.. hee hee.. I think it is a Silkweaver fabric of some sort.
I have been working a little on Summer House too this week- will post a pic soon. I'm almost done with the trees, have a chimney to stitch and then I can start on the sky.  Then comes alllllll the beads.. sigh.. maybe it will go faster than I think. :)
My garden has been surviving the heat, some of it anyway.. here are some new flowers that have popped up recently-

I have a couple of other plants that are growing really tall but no blooms yet- maybe they are waiting for cooler temps! I know I am!
As far as books go, I am still reading Unfinished Tales by J.R.R. Tolkien.. I am in the home stretch now, less than 100 pages to go.  I confess I am reading the notes that go with the stories but not all the appendices, I am a huge Tolkien fan but I just can't read through all those minute details.  I am really enjoying the book now because it is dealing with the characters I'm familiar with, from the main trilogy.  Tolkien's imagination just blows my mind - his world of Middle Earth is so detailed and planned out, I just can't even express it.  It's just amazing.
School starts soon- hard to believe! I will miss seeing my kids a little more but look forward to getting back into a routine.  I hope it is a great year for both of them. Only about 3 more weeks now!
Thanks for checking in, I know I haven't been the best blogger for a while now.. thanks for hanging with me. :)

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Margaret said...

Oh I love Tolkien too! Haven't read those stories though. I read some of the appendices in the back of LOTR, but other than the Hobbit and LOTR, and the Children of Hurin, I haven't read any other works of his. He's amazing though! Your garden looks pretty btw. :D

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