Thursday, August 25, 2011

ok maybe now that school has started..

Yep, first day of school pics! My little one is in 1st and my oldest is in 7th! (which made me tear up a little when I thought hard about it today)..
anyway, as I was saying, in my post title, maybe now that school has started I can get back in my stitching groove.. it's like lately I know I should stitch and I want to, but other things take me away and I get wrapped up in them, and then it's time for bed. So after I post this, I WILL stitch. I will! I haven't decided on what yet, but I will stitch for a little while. 
Rob and I celebrated our 18th anniversary on Sunday.  We have never done anything really special for our anniversary, not because we don't want to celebrate, but because finances or schedules don't allow.  Well this year it worked out that we actually could do something.  Our friends kept the kids overnight and Rob and I took a little trip to Wilmington, NC.  We had such a great time, as we had not been on a trip alone since I 
don't know when- our honeymoon maybe? Yikes! We ate at Bonefish Grill Friday night- we had never eaten there before as we don't have one nearby. It was sooooooo good.. shrimp and scallops that melted in my mouth, nice atmosphere.. after we get Harris Teeter to build a store here (our page has gotten over 2000 likes, before the deadline!) , we will have to work on getting a Bonefish Grill here. :) We stayed at a very nice hotel on the riverfront, and after dinner took a night time walk on the river walk.  They had a section of the street closed off and had a live band, and tents where you could buy food, drinks, etc.  It was really neat!  Then the same section of street is closed off on Saturday for a farmers market.
Saturday we walked around downtown and checked out some of the shops- Rob bought me some opal(esque? not sure if they are real or not) turtle earrings from one of the shops.. went to the Celtic Shoppe and got some Christmas tea.  It was extremely hard to control myself in that store, what with the Celtic CDs and jewelry and all.. but I was a good girl. The town is very dog-friendly- dogs are allowed in lots of the shops.  We stopped for an iced mocha at a cafe called Java Dog- when we went in a man was there with his little fox terrier on a leash, just as calm and good as he could be.  The cafe had a giant coffee cup with dog biscuits in it that you could give your dog. Very cool!

Well enough of my rambling- here are some photos from our trip- here are a couple of views from our room-

My breakfast at a great little place called the Dixie Grill- they put their pancake/waffle syrup in Coke bottles!
Their coffee was really good too!

When I saw this, I immediately thought of our fellow blogger and friend, Edgar!

One of the trolleys you can ride for free- we never did but maybe next time!

Sorry these are a little out of order- here is a night view of the river walk and the festivities

This was painted on the side of our hotel :)

Where we ate lunch- Paddy's Hollow- delicious!

The Cotton Exchange- where the Celtic Shoppe is, as well as Java Dog and a lot of other neat little shops!

One of the restaurants on the riverfront- would love to eat here next time we are there.  We didn't have time this time.

I should've gotten some close-ups of this fountain- there were statues of turtles on it. :)

And one more- the kitty in the window of the Celtic Shoppe- he weighs 19 pounds! He was so sweet.

Ok, if I am going to get any stitching done tonight, I better finish up here.. I have a few more photos- maybe I will post them in the next day or two, and hopefully some stitching progress as well! ;)


Margaret said...

Your kids are so cute! That's so great that you and your DH got to go away by yourselves for a time. Nice pics of your trip! Happy belated anniversary!

Kimmie said...

Great pics!!!!

Let me know how you find that groove. I've been doing all kinds of everything but stitching.

Edgar said...

What a super day - the first day of school - your kids look so happy and ready for all that knowledge getting!! Loved the snaps of Wilmington - they brought back some find memories!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your anniversary and glad you had time for yourself and your DH. Looks like your kids are eager to get to school.


Babs in Alabama said...

What a day! that first day of school for any of our children, I can still remember :)
Your getaway sounded really fun; so glad you were able to do that finally. Really enjoyed the pics as I've never been there. Now it's time to settle down and pick up the needle.

Astrid's dragon said...

Love the pics of the first day of school - but they do tend to complain about them as they get older!

How wonderful that you could get away for your anniversary. It looked like you had a great time in Wilmington. We've only been once, but I'd love to go back!

g-girl said...

looks like Wilmington was fun! thanks for sharing the pics. :) I'm glad you guys were able to celebrate your anniversary with a trip together.

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